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London-Shy Girl (mentioned)


Leland gets ungrounded.


Intro: (We see a lake with a pretty sunset on it. Music used is Disney's Sing Along Songs, which is the same as Angelica Gets Suspended and Sent to 1941).

Leland: Erwin, your father told you this before! (Scary Voice) STOP, KILLING, INCIDENT LIVES! (normal voice) But you didn't listen to him! As for this, you are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 12 days! Go to your room now!

(Lawson runs in angry)

Leland: That will teach him a lesson!

Lawson: Dad, Leland Powell just grounded me!

Mr. Lawson: Good! You deserve it and I told you this many times! Stop killing incident lives! How many times did I have to say this?!

Lawson: Six.

(Mr. Lawson was a bit nervous)

Lawson: Hundred!

Mr. Lawson: What did you say?!

Lawson: 600! You said that to me 600 times so please unground me and punish Leland! Also, he deserves to have a grounded series by Sarah Ann West!

Mr. Lawson: Maybe that was one reason why Leland had the right to ground you because you keep on bullying other people and killing them for no reason! Go to your room and you'll be watching Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures!

(Lawson runs upstairs crying in Bernard's voice, French)

Mr. Lawson: Leland, thank you for grounding my troublesome son. Go home now while I call your parents. 

(Mr. Lawson picks up the phone, but Leanna answers instead)

Leanna: Hello, this Leanna Powell.

Mr. Lawson: I didn't expect you Leanna. Is your mother and father around?

Leanna: They are home but they're in bed with the flu so I'm watching over London.

Mr. Lawson: This is Mr. Lawson speaking. I'm just here to inform you your brother just grounded my troublesome son named Erwin. Please unground him when he gets home. Thanks and goodbye.

(at home)

Leanna: Leland, thank you for grounding a Recess bully. You are now ungrounded forever. By the time Mom and Dad gets better, you will get a surprise.

Leland: Is it Chuck E Cheese?

Leanna: Wait and see.

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