Lewis Robinson: Skunk How Dare you Salute Peep and the Big Wide World That's It You're Grounded Grounded Grounded Until I Get the Sequel Now Go to Bed before i Erase you Karate Actives with the Magic Eraser.

(Skunk Runs in the house Sadly)

Lewis Robinson: Yes I Just Ground Skunk for Good!

(Skunk and The Red Death appear Outside)

Skunk: There he is that Orphan Jerk Just Ground Me!

The Red Death: That's Right Kid! Lewis Ground You Because you Salute Peep and the Big Wide World!

Skunk: (Larry's Voice NOOOOOO!!!)

The Red Death: You Can Leave Now.

(at home)

Wendy Corduroy: Lewis, I Can't Believe You've Ground Skunk for Salute Peep and the Big Wide World that means you're Ungrounded.

Lewis Robinson: Thanks Mom! My Good Mood Isn't Ruin at All!

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