Lewis Robinson: Kurst the Worst, how dare you download Skunk Fu! on Starz?! That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded until I get the sequel! Now go to bed before I cancel you from Recess on Weekdays.

(Kurst the Worst runs in the house Sadly)

Lewis Robinson: Yes! I just grounded Kurst the Worst for good!

(Kurst the Worst appear outside)

Kurst the Worst: There he is! That orphan jerk just grounded me!

Kurst's dad: That's right, kid! Lewis grounded you because you downloaded Skunk Fu! on Satarz!

Kurst the Worst: (Larry's Voice NOOOOOO!!!)

Kurst the Worst's dad: You can leave now.

(at home)

Wendy Corduroy: Lewis, I can't believe you've grounded Kurst the Worst for downloading Skunk Fu! on Starz that means you're Ungrounded.

Lewis Robinson: Thanks mom! My good mood isn't ruined at all!


Steven as Lewis Robinson

Kimberly as Kurst the Worst

Diesel as Mr Kurst (Kurst's dad) 

Catherine as Wendy Corduroy

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