• Lincoln Loud: Gage Creed, how dare you go the movies and Watch Truth or Dare? That's it, you're grounded (X8) for Serenity! Go to your room now before I break your teeth with a Shovel!
  • [Gage Creed runs into his house angry]
  • Lincoln Loud: (in his TV show voice) Yes! (normal voice) I finally grounded Gage Creed!
  • [Gage Creed and Aqua appear outside]
  • Gage Creed: There he is, that white haired idiot boy grounded me!
  • [Aqua then gets angry at Gage Creed as Lincoln Loud laughs in his TV show voice at Gage Creed getting grounded]
  • Aqua: You Got It Correct, Lincoln Loud Ground You Because You Went see a movie called Truth or Dare! Go To Your Room Now!
  • Gage Creed: (Finn's Scream NOOOOOO)
  • Aqua: You Can Go Home Now.
  • (at home)
  • Rita Loud: Lincoln, I Can't Believe You Ground Gage Creed to See Truth or Dare you that means you're Ungrounded.
  • Lincoln Loud: My Good Mood Isn't Ruin After All.
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