Dark Bowser-Alan




This is what happened right after Destiny was melted. Also, Dark Bowser is with Harold and getting him a new XBOX1.


Linus: I am going to revive my girlfriend after Phineas T Ratchet kidnapped her and melted her down.

(meanwhile in Heaven)

Destiny: God, please help me. I heard that Dark Bowser is about to give my brother a new XBOX1.

God: Don't worry. Your boyfriend will revive you.

(back on Earth)

Linus: That's my only chance.

(Destiny is revived)

Destiny: Thank you Linus. Thanks for reviving me.

(at Best Buy)

Dark Bowser: Harold, which XBOX1 would you like?

Harold: I would like that one.

Dark Bowser: Okay.

Clerk: That would be $500.

Dark Bowser: Here you go.

Clerk: Thanks.

(at the McDonald residence)

Allister: Dark Bowser, what are you doing in our house?!

Dark Bowser: Well, I got your son a new XBOX1.

Allister: What?! Dark Bowser, how dare you get our son a new XBOX1 when he's still grounded?! That's it! Go home now, and Harold, you're grounded for the fifth time! Go to your room now!

(Destiny comes in)

Allister: Destiny, thank Heavens, you're back.

Destiny: I got revived by my boyfriend Linus.

Allister: That's good to know. You're now ungrounded. 

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