Little Leo Tucker Decides To Taunt At Geon with Ike's Iconic Taunt, in the End, He got Grounded for Googleplex Years and Sent to the audience by Miya.


  • Little Leo Tucker
  • Geon
  • Beetle Mania
  • Woo
  • Ike
  • Azura
  • Mr. Tucker
  • Miya (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)


  • (Cut To: The King Of The Monsters' House)
  • Little Leo Tucker: I'm Going To Taunt on Geon, Har (x20), Soi (x20), Rofl (x20)!
  • (Geon Appears)
  • Geon: Hey Little Leo Tucker, How Are You?
  • (Little Leo Tucker Taunts At Geon)
  • Little Leo Tucker: (In Ike's Voice) Prepare Yourself!
  • Geon: (Does A 1962-1975 Godzilla Roar, 1000000% Louder) Oh (x100) Little Leo Tucker, How Dare You Taunt At Me, That's It, I Will Tell Ike, Azura, Beetle Mania, And Woo!
  • (Ike, Azura, Beetle Mania, and Woo Appears)
  • Azura: What The Heck Is That Bloody Noise, Is That Geon?
  • Geon: Ike, Azura, Woo, and Beetle Mania, Y'all Not Gonna Like This, Little Leo Tucker Taunt At Me By Using Your Iconic Taunt!
  • Ike: (Does a Chimera Roar, 1000000% Louder, In Eric's Voice) OH (x100), Little Leo Tucker, How Dare You Taunt At Geon, That's It, We're Calling Your Parents About This!
  • (Cut To: In Little Leo Tucker's House)
  • Mr. Tucker: Little Leo Tucker, how dare you taunt at geon, you know it's not funny, that's it, your grounded for googleplex years, and for your punishment, miya from mobile legends: bang bang will send you to audience!
  • (Miya Appears)
  • Miya: I'm Here to take Little Leo Tucker to the audience!
  • (Ike Then Appears, Hides Miya Sent Little Leo Tucker To The Audience)
  • Ike: Don't Let Your Kids Watch It!
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