Betty Anne: Tommy, I'm thinking of a song.

Tommy: Betty Anne please, not now. Yes, it's a wonderful song.I think you're familiar with it.

Tommy: Oh no! I'm not listening.

Betty Anne: (singing) Start spreading the news...

Tommy: I don't know you.

Betty Anne: I'm leaving today...

Tommy: He's funny. Who is that?

Betty Anne: Come on, you know, you know the words. Two little words.

Tommy: New York.

Both: New York!

Tina: Shut up! Shut up! Hey! I'm sleeping here!

(guards pause by)

Tommy: Good evening, officers!

Betty Anne: No, no, no.. you don't talk now, okay? You're not so good with the putting the words together and their coming out, good thing. You can keep it, ssh! Hey! How you're doing? Yeah! You know what, everything's cool, we just have a little situation here. Little internal situation. Actually my friends just went a little crazy. It happens to everybody. The city gets to us all. Just went a little cuckoo in the head.


Betty Anne: Just shush! I will handle this! We're just gonna take my little friends here home and forget this ever happened. All right? No harm, no foul. Oh, no, no, no. Hey, it's cool! It's me, betty Anne bongo, What's the matter with them?

(she got hit by a dart)

Betty Anne: Wow! I feel really, really weird. Hey! I love you guys. (slow mo) I love you so much.

(she got tranquillised, music playing)

Reporter: Last night dramatic incident at the Grand station was an example of rights whacks have been shouting for years... The kids clearly don't belong in captivity. Now they're to be sent back to their natural habitat, where they will live their lives in the freedom they so clearly desire.

Betty Anne: Hey, little help?

Man: She’s awake! She’s awake!

Betty Anne: Oh, man!

(the same goes again but fast forward)

August: Oh my head! Where? What? I'm in the box!

Tommy: Oh no! No no! Not the box!

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