Lou Strickland is a character from Top Cat: The Movie who is the film's antagonist.

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Name: Lou Strickland

Voice: Tom


Alan (father)

Kimberly (mother)


Lou Strickland is a greedy man and is the main antagonist in the film. Despite his ugly look, he claims to be the most handsome person of all time. In a parody of Robocop, the movie has him creating android robots to replace policy officers, because he thinks humans make mistakes that technology can prevent. After gaining control of the police department, he decides not to fire Dibble because they share the same birthday, and he needs someone to help activate the robots. He shows up as a VIP at the Lazlo-Lazlo concert, but gets his tickets stolen by Top Cat.

In GoAnimateEdit

In the GoAnimate universe, Lou Strickland is portrayed as troublemaker who constantly does bad stuff, especially to Top Cat and his gang.  


What he actually looks like

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