Lou Strickland and his parents were having steak, peas and mashed potatoes. Lou was bored.

Lou Strickland: No! I'm not eating my dinner.

Alan Strickland was stern. 

Alan Strickland: You better eat your dinner or else you'll be grounded. 

Lou was stubborn. 

Lou Strickland: No! I want McDonald's! 

Kimberly Strickland was stern.

Kimberly Strickland: We are not having McDonald's. We are having this, so eat it!

Lou lost patience. 

Lou Strickland: NO! 

Lou threw his dinner and his wine at the wall. CRASH!

Alan and Kimberly were angry at Lou who began to cry. 

Alan: Lou Strickland, how dare you throw your dinner at the wall! That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded for 25 months!

Kimberly: Go to bed right now!

Lou went to his room, crying. 

Lou Strickland: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 


Tom as Lou Strickland 

Alan as Alan Strickland (Lou's dad)

Kimberly as Kimberly Strickland (Lou's mum)

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