At the lounge, Lou Strickland was bored.

Lou Strickland: Man! I hate Underdog so much! He's the worst character ever! And he's just as stupid as Top Cat and the gang! What shall I do? I know, I will kill Underdog!

Then Lou Strickland went off to find Underdog, and later he reached Underdog's house. 

Then Lou Strickland looked up to the jet where Underdog was onboard. The he inspected Underdog's car. 

Lou Strickland: I'm going to throw Underdog's car at the jet to knock Underdog off balance! (in Dr. Robotnik's laughing sound)

Lou Strickland picked up Underdog's car, and he threw it at the jet, knocking Underdog off balance. CRASH! Underdog fell backwards.

Underdog: AAAAAH!

Then Underdog landed on the jet's left wing in front of its turbine, and then he realised he was in great danger. 

Underdog: Oh no! I better escape before I'm doomed!

Underdog frantically tried to climb away from the turbine that was pulling him by his cape, desperate to save himself, but his cape then got caught in the turbine that began to suck him in.


The turbine sucked Underdog in (echoing a scene from The Incredibles regarding the dangers of wearing a cape told by Edna), killing the superhero (similar to the last stand of Syndrome from The Incredibles) and destroying his jet in a resulting explosion. BANG! The raining pieces of the jet flew down to Underdog's house, and crashed into it. CRASH! Underdog's house was blown up. Lou Strickland cheered.

Lou Strickland: Yay! I killed Underdog! And he's dead for good!

Back home, Alan Strickland was furious with Lou Strickland. 

Alan Strickland: Lou Strickland, how dare you kill Underdog!? He is one of my favourite superheroes! That's it, you're grounded until you stop hitting people! Go to your room now!

Lou Strickland went up to his room, crying.

Lou Strickland: (in Dr. Robotnik's voice) I hate seafoods and hedgehogs!


Tom as Lou Strickland and Underdog

Alan as Alan Strickland

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