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Lunick was sick and tired of Julissa Montro Lopez buying him some Shimajiro VHS's. so he kidnaps her and puts her into a conveyer and then ties her up. Lunick turns on the conveyer, shredding Julissa to pieces. Lunick celebrates. However, Amos Martin, Julissa's boyfriend, and Johnny Smith, Julissa's other boyfriend, got angry at Lunick for shredding Julissa into pieces. They take him to her funeral. However, Lunick yells at someone about Julissa being a bad girl and saying "Burn in heck, Julissa!" As a result, Amos and Johnny got angry at Lunick and they tell his father, Rei, to come and pick him up. Rei comes, picks up Lunick, and takes him home. Rei grounds Lunick with no shows and films made by Turner, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros.


  • Young Guy as Lunick.
  • Amos Martinez as Amos Martin and Johnny Smith.
  • Ruthie Martinez as Julissa Montro Lopez and Jessica Martin.
  • Joey as the Priest.
  • Kimberly as Rei.


[We see Lunick in his room]

Lunick: I am bored. What would i do? (gets an idea) I know! I will kidnap Julissa and melt her into meat because she always buys me some Shimajiro VHS's! Ha! (10x)

[The music from Video Outlaw plays and Lunick runs away from his room to kidnap Julissa]

[Cut to the Lopez household; Julissa was watching Girl Meets World]

[Lunick walks up to Julissa]

Julissa: Lunick, what are you up to?

Lunick: I am going to kidnap you and melt you into.. MEAT!!

[Dun dun dun plays]

Julissa: Oh my gosh! Lunick, please do not kidnap me! Anything but kidnapping me!

Lunick: Too bad, Julissa!

[Lunick kidnaps Julissa and takes her to the Chop Shop]

Julissa: Put me down, Lunick! Put me down!

[Cut to inside the Chop Shop]

[Lunick placed Julissa into a conveyer belt and tied her up]

Lunick: Okay, Julissa. Prepare to die!

Julissa: Oh no! Amos, Johnny, save me!

[Lunick turns on the conveyer, pushing Julissa into the shredders]

Julissa: Please no! No! No! No!

[Julissa was close to the shredders]

Julissa: (screams in a female teenager's voice) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

[Julissa gets shredded into pieces]

Lunick: Ole! I killed Julissa!

[Amos and Johnny walks up to Lunick]

Amos: Lunick, how dare you shred Julissa! She was Johnny's other girlfriend and my girlfriend! Now we will revive her thanks to you!

Johnny: Come with us, Lunick. We are going to her funeral!

[At the funeral]

Priest: We are gathered together for Julissa Montro Lopez, who got killed by Lunick, a bad 11 year old human Save Um.

Jessica: Julissa was Dominique's good friend, and my best friend! I am going to miss her!

[Lunick pushes off the Priest; and takes over the microphone]

Lunick: Julissa was a bads 13 year old girl! I hope she dies! I wish she can go to heck! Good bye, Julissa! Burn in heck!

[Dun dun dun plays]


Johnny: I agree with Amos!

[Amos picks up the phone]

Amos: Hello, Rei. This is Amos Martin speaking. Your son, Lunick, killed Julissa and disrespected her funeral! Take him home!

Rei: He did what? He was going to be grounded! Thank you for telling me!

Amos: No problem, Rei. Goodbye.

[Amos hangs up]

Johnny: Your dad will be here to pick you up and take you home!

Lunick: Please no, Amos and Johnny! Not my dad!

[Rei walks up to Lunick]

Rei: Come with me, Lunick! You just killed Julissa and disrespected her funeral! We are going home!

[Rei and Lunick leave the funeral]

Lunick: It was not fair, Dad!

[Cut to the living room]

Rei: Lunick, how dare you kill Julissa by melting her into meat and disrespect her funeral! You know Julissa was a good 13 year old girl! That does it! You are grounded until the 20th anniversary of Mulan! Go upstairs to your room right now! No Turner, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros for you!

Lunick: (in Victor Volt's voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

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