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(One in a million)

Lydia deetz: hey kids and parents! My name is Lydia Deetz! Welcome to my first ever advert, Where you order My debut album, Lydia Deetz! From this television!

(no no no, with people at the mitzvah party)

lydia deetz: forget the sweat, get the groove! With all my hits from musical guests who took the all that stage, such as, Mandy Moore, hoku, Aaron Carter, the backstreet boys, Aaliyah, Destiny’s child and many more!

(another dumb blonde)

lydia deetz: But Wait! You’ll receive this limited edition Lydia Deetz velvet gift bag free, made by me, Lydia Deetz


lydia deetz: And while supplies last, you’ll recieve this limited edition now to Now that’s what I call music from 1998 to 2000 cd carrier case, and limited edition now that’s what I call music sunglass case free!

(Shy guy)

lydia deetz: You’ll also receive this funko pop figure of me, that’s right you guys, funko pop figure of me

(Angel of mine)

Lydia deetz: And get this, receive this nickelodeon magazine as well, and receive this nickelodeon stickers

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