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Lydia Deetz: man, I hate the recess bullies, I wish i can replace them, I know! I’ll rescue Amanda Todd, but why? Because she was you know, 15

(At 3rd Street school)

Lawson: lets bully her!

Amanda Todd: (screams) Help Me! I’m a good girl!

Lydia Deetz: Hey you recess bullies! Don't you even think about bullying Amanda Todd. She‘s an awesome singer and she performed on all that with me as a friend

Skeens: we don’t care

Lydia Deetz: Boys...listen to me.

Lawson: You... You are...

Lydia Deetz: It doesn't matter. I'm someone who can help. You're being controlled by a dark force. This is not who you are! You don't have to give in. You can survive this! Listen carefully... (Performs a tap dance to make the bullies cry)

Bullies: Ugh... Gyaaaaah!

(And then)

Teacher: I'm sorry princess, please forgive me. I promise Those bullies won't try to hurt amanda again.

Lydia Deetz: good, she’s only 23

Teacher: now make the bullies get killed so no one will bully Amanda

Lydia Deetz: right! Watch this lady amanda (does a tap dance again) ok, Lawson and gang, i’m Gonna do a tap song, first, Lawson, gelman, Mundy and skeens, i’m Drowning you in a swimming pool

Lawson: No (20x)

Skeens: please! Don’t drown us!

lydia deetz: that’s what you guys get for bullying one of my favourite students who went to miss shannon’s School for girls, but now i’m at a different school now (pushes Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens) goodbye!

Lawson: Help! I’m drowning!

(After beating up bullies)

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