Plot Edit

Young sophie was watching tv when she sees Lydia Deetz being a musical guest

Transcript Edit

(November 1996)

Sophie: let me see what is on tv (turns on)

josh server: let’s give a round of sound for, Lydia Deetz!

(Audience cheering)

lydia deetz: thank you! Tonight, making his first apperance on all that, naughty Arnold, i’ll Get him, right, say, hello, Arnold. Are you shy? Are you being naughty?

sophie: (sniggering)

lydia deetz: well, maybe you’ll stop being naughty if everyone of all that says hello to you, so, say hello Arnold, ready? 1, 2, 3

audience: hello arnold

Lydia Deetz: now what do you say to that

naughty Arnold: (blows raspberry, made sophie, Henry and June laugh)

Lydia Deetz: Oh, that’s not very nice, Arnold, actually, thank you, no, now let’s do it again, but a bit louder

naughty arnold: (blows raspberry louder)

lydia deetz: no no no, not you, darn, 1, 2, 3

audience: HELLO ARNOLD!

lydia deetz: now say hello arnold

naughty Arnold: hello arnold

lydia deetz: thats not right

naughty Arnold: I don’t care, do what I have

lydia deetz: that is 7 year old lady s

naughty arnold: She looks like my gran

(henry and June laughs)

lydia deetz: your very rude arnold

Naughty Arnold: thank you

Lydia Deetz: now off you go

naughty Arnold: hello toys and twirls

(Henry and June laughs again)

Lydia Deetz: Wait a minute, that’s all wrong

naughty Arnold: (mocking Lydia) Wait a minute, that’s all wrong

lydia deetz: try it again and stop being so naughty

naughty Arnold: your face looks like a squashed tomato

(everyone laughs louder)


naughty Arnold: no, no, not back in the box

lydia deetz: yes, back in the box

naughty Arnold: no please, don’t put me in the box

lydia deetz: that’s all folks

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