Lewis Robinson: Let's See What's Happening on April 30th?

(Lewis Robinson looks Sad when Peter Mayhew died on April 30th)

Lewis Robinson: What? Peter Mayhew has passed away It's Not Fair!

Gumball Watterson: Lewis, What's the Matter?

Lincoln Loud: Better not be Mane 6's announcement about season 10.

Lewis Robinson: No, Peter Mayhew the actor of Chewbacca has passed away.

Spyro: What?

Toothless: What?

Gumball Watterson: What?

Po: What?

Red Claw: What?

Tyrannor: What?

Lincoln Loud: What?

Lewis Robinson: It's True.

Spyro: Oh No No No, Oh No No No No.

Gumball Watterson: We Can't Peter Mayhew Died on April 30th.

Po: That Means We're Going to his Funeral.

Red Claw: Agree, he was a good man playing as chewbacca.

Twilight Sparkle: Hey Traitors! Where are you Going?

Spyro: You Hush! We're Going to Peter Mayhew's Funeral.

Gumball: Yeah!

Lewis Robinson: I Suggest you Behave at the Funeral or get Nothing.

Beast: Did you Hear That Mane 6, We're Going to Peter Mayhew's Funeral.

Twilight Sparkle: No Way We're Not Going to Peter Mayhew's Funeral.

Rainbow Dash: We're Not Even a Star Wars Fan!

Rarity: You'll Never force us to go to Peter Mayhew's Funeral

Belle: You Either Come or Get Grounded.

Fluttershy: Fine!

(at Peter Mayhew's Funeral)

Gumball Watterson: I'm So Gonna miss Peter Mayhew.

Lewis Robinson: Me Too.

Toothless: We're All are Going to Miss him.

Red Claw: I'll Just let my Brother, Aslan, Classfield and Selkie know that Peter Mayhew just passed away.

Twilight Sparkle: Except Us! We've got a plan. I am going to front of the church to shake our bottoms in my underpants to make this boring old funeral fun! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Beast: No Twilight Sparkle, Funeral isn't met for fun it's to pray them.

[Beast stands up, walks up to the front of the church]

Rainbow Dash: "Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your butt! Shake your butt! Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your butt!"

Belle: Stop This Right Now!

Rarity: Shut up! I am setting the church on fire!

[Pinkie Pie holds out a box of matches and sets the church on fire]

Gumball Watterson: Don't Do It Mane 6!

Fluttershy: "Ha! Now the church will burn so that the church will never be shown again."

[The attendants and the belle & the beast begin to panic and run away as the fire spreads]

Beast: You Are So Grounded for misbehaving at Paul Allen's Funeral.

Belle: This Means no MLP:FIM! No Rip-Off Shows! No Baby Shows and Nothing you Get! This time, Sharptooth and Red Claw will beat you up!

Red Claw: This is what you will get for misbehaving at Peter Mayhew's funeral. Prepare for some bleeding!

Sharptooth: I Say we Take them Down Brother.

(meanwhile at Gumball's house)

Nicole Watterson: There you are Gumball, Where have you been?

Gumball Watterson: Peter Maybew's Funeral because he died of Cancer.

Katy Kat: Gumball I'm Really Sorry.

Gumball Watterson: Thanks, Big Sister.

(meanwhile at Spyro's house)

Elora: Spyro i Heard that Peter Mayhew died on April 30th I'm Sorry.

Smaug: We All Are.

Spyro: Thanks Elora and Father.

(meanwhile at Lewis's house)

Wendy Corduroy: Lewis, I'm Really Sorry How Peter Mayhew died this April.

Loki: Everything's Gonna be Okay.

Lewis Robinson: Thanks Mom and Dad.

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