Twilight Sparkle: Man I'm Bored!

Rarity: Yeah The Beast Keeps Grounding Us for Breaking his Rules.

Rainbow Dash: Hey Guys Wanna Watch The Ghost and the Darkness?

Fluttershy: Sure Let's Upload it on Netflix.

Pinkie Pie: Great Idea.

Applejack: Because It has Tom Hanks in this Film.

(189 minutes)

Twilight Sparkle: That was the funniest Movie ever.

Lumiere: Okay Ponies are you Ready for... Wait a second What is The Ghost and the Darkness Doing on Netflix?

Applejack: It has Lions in this film.

Lumiere: Save-Ums! I Think The Ghost and the Darkness is Rated R and It's Not Appropriate for you!

Beast: Lewis is everything okay?

Lumiere: Nope i Caught them from the Rated R film called The Ghost and the Darkness on Netflix.

Beast: Really? Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie! How Dare you Watch The Ghost and the Darkness? you Know That's Not Appropriate for all of you! That's It Your Grounded Grounded Until Mary Poppins Returns is on Netflix! For your punishment, the Power Rangers will beat you up.

Gumball Watterson: This is what you will get for watching The Ghost and the Darkness. Prepare for some bleeding!

Po: Prepare for some bleeding!

Toothless: Prepare for some bleeding!

Red Claw: Prepare for some bleeding!

(Jay then hides Gumball, Po, Toothless and Red Claw beating the Mane 6 up)

Jay: Don't let your kids watch it!

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