Mundy and Kenny-Eric

Mr. Mundy-Alan


Matt's sad voice-Microsoft Sam


Matt gets in so much trouble.


Matt: Mundy, you are ungrounded ungrounded ungrounded forever. You can do what you like.

(Mundy runs in excited)

Matt: Yes! I ungrounded Mundy!

Mundy: Dad, Matt just ungrounded me!

Mr. Mundy (to Mundy): I'm sorry, but you're still in trouble for trying to get Randall Weems in trouble by bringing a knife to school!

(Mundy runs back inside crying in Mads' voice, Danish)

Mr. Mundy: Young man! How dare you get my son out of trouble?! I will tell your brothers about this!

(at home)

Kenny: Matt, we can't believe you ungrounded Conrad Mundy! You know he was still in trouble for trying to get Randall Weems in trouble! That's it! You're in big trouble for the rest of today!

Brian: Go upstairs to your room now!

Matt (Microsoft Sam's voice): Yes sir.


Matt (Microsoft Sam's voice): Mutinous poisoners!


Matt (Microsoft Sam's voice): SOI!

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