Max and Emmy Taunt At AnimeGamer1 By Using Ike's Iconic Taunt, And They Are Doomed And Beaten Up By Sonic and Shadow.

Cast Edit

  • Max: Young Guy
  • Emmy: Kayla
  • AnimeGamer1: Julie
  • Ike: Eric
  • Azura: Princess
  • Marth: Paul
  • Sonic: Joey
  • Shadow: David
  • Mario: Brian

Transcript Edit

  • Emmy: We're Going To Taunt AnimeGamer1, Har (x20), Soi (x20), Rofl (x20)!
  • AnimeGamer1: Hi Max and Emmy, How Are You Today?
  • [Max and Emmy do An Ike's Iconic Taunt And Said "Prepare Yourself"]
  • AnimeGamer1: [Does A Sharptooth Roar With 2000% Louder] Emmy, How Dare You Taunt At Me? You Know It's Disrespectful! That's It, I Will Tell Ike, Azura, Marth And My Sister!
  • [Marth, Ike, Azura And CardOfAnime102 Appear Outside Behind AnimeGamer1]
  • Ike: Holy Mother God, I Heard AnimeGamer1 Yelling! AnimeGamer1, Why Are You Turning Yourself Into Rage Mode?
  • AnimeGamer1: Ike, Marth, Azura And CardOfAnime102, You Guys Are Going To Be Extremely Angry About This, Max and Emmy Taunted At Me By Using Your Iconic Taunt!
  • [Warning:Earrape Alert In The Next Scene]
  • Marth: [Does An Godzilla Roar, And 2000% Louder, In Scary Voice] OH(x50), Emmy, What The Hell Is Wrong With You!?
  • Azura:How Dare You Taunt At AnimeGamer1 By Using My Husband's Iconic Taunt, Now She Is In Rage Mode Because Of You, And Thanks To You!
  • Ike: That's It, Your Doomed Until The Save-Ums! Adventure Heroes is released, And Sonic and Shadow Will Beat You Up!
  • Sonic and Shadow: Prepare For Some Bleeding!
  • [Mario hides Sonic and Shadow beating Max and Emmy up]
  • Mario: Don't let your kids watch it!
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