Meowser Jr-Joey

Randall and Mundy-Eric

Miss Finster-Wiseguy

Dr. Slicer-Dave


Cat Princess-Salli


Meowser Jr does a bad job.


Meowser Jr: This is just great! My parents sent me to the Third Street School because Mr. Dallas doesn't like me in his school!

Mundy: Don't fear. You can still be on our team just like Bowser Jr.

Meowser Jr: Thank you.

(In the test room, Miss Finster announced to the students)

Miss Finster: Okay class, it's time for a test on Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Meowser Jr: Oh no! I forgot to study!

Miss Finster: Good luck.

Meowser Jr: I got it. I will cheat off of Randall Weems' test.

Randall (after Meowser Jr looked at his test): Hey! You cheated off my test!

Miss Finster: There's no talking during the test! Go to the principal's office!

Randall: But Miss Finster...

Miss Finster: Go! Now!

(in the office)

Randall: Hey! Dr. Slicer, what happened to Fluttershy106?

Dr. Slicer: He's still in the hospital. Anyways, what landed you here?

Randall: Miss Finster was out of her mind so she sent me here for no reason!

Dr. Slicer: That's not true! Tell me what really happened!

Randall: Okay. Meowser Jr cheated on my test but Miss Finster sent me here instead.

Dr. Slicer: Randall Weems, you know you should always be quiet during a test! That's it! You're...

Randall: Dr. Slicer, I am telling you the truth.

Dr. Slicer: What is it?

Randall: We were doing a test on Ralph Breaks the Internet until Meowser Jr cheated on my test.

Dr. Slicer: Meowser Jr cheated on your test? I will have a word with Miss Finster. I am so sorry I misunderstood you.

(back in the classroom)

Miss Finster: Dr. Slicer, why are you here at this time with Randall?

Dr. Slicer: Here's why! Randall was trying to tell the truth but you sent him to my office!

Miss Finster: But I don't allow talking during any test!

Dr. Slicer (to Meowser Jr): Meowser Jr, were you the one who cheated off of Randall's test and got him falsely sent to my office?

Meowser Jr: Yes, I was.

Dr. Slicer (to Meowser Jr): Since this is your first day in this school! You get Suspension Level 2! Get out now! (to Randall) And for you Randall, for telling Miss Finster and I the truth, you get 30 homework passes. Use them wisely.

(at home)

Meowser: Son, I can't believe you cheated off of someone's test at the Third Street School! You know I had to send you here because Mr. Dallas thought you were dangerous in his school! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days!

Cat Princess: Go to your room now!

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