Miss Minchin and Evil Maria Renard were bored, so they kidnapped Sarah Crewe and Lavinia Herbert into Buying Sausage party on dvd. They tickle their feet with acrylic paint and tortures them. After The Torture, they were surrounded and violently Pummeled by the Monster Children, the Lion Guard, Ike, Female Corrin, and Richter Belmont, then Grounded for Super life and later killed by Kohtaro Minami's Revolcrash and Azura's Shining Screech. After The Punishment, Gord and Eudora conforts them by


Part 1: Miss Minchin and Evil Maria Renard tickle torturing Sarah Crewe and Lavinia HerbertEdit

Part 2: Miss Minchin and Evil Maria Renard gets killed by Kohtaro Minami's Revolcrash and Azura's Shining ScreechEdit

  • Miss Minchin: Huh? What happened?
  • Ike: This is your Final warning, if you call Reiko Shiratori a crybaby during any monster films, My Wife (Azura) will beat you up!
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