Summary[edit | edit source]

Mobile Legends: The Revenge of Alucard is a game about Alucard, who withnessed that his wife and his Daughter were kidnapped by Aeon Calcos and his Minions, so he had to face him and his minions. The Player had to defeat all the bosses to complete the stage, and if the time reaches zero, Miya and Sailor Saturn will die in which stage where Alucard is.

Playable Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Alucard - The Main Protagonist, Miya's Wife and Sailor Saturn's Father and a Garuda Monster who had witnessed that His wife and his daughter are kidnapped, so he had to do revenge on Aeon Calcos.

Support Characters[edit | edit source]

Boss Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Gomora
  • Degola
  • Rodan
  • Godzilla - Saving Hotaru Tomoe
  • Zekebon
  • Birdon
  • Aeon Calcos - Final Boss and Saving Miya

Continue Screen[edit | edit source]

Alucard's Continue Screen Shows that he had been fell off to the Netherrealm, causing him to get Art Of Fighting 2 Continue Screen.

Game Over Screen[edit | edit source]

He Has the Same Game Over Screen as Mobile Legends Stars In MUGEN.

Retry Animation[edit | edit source]

Alucard Uses His garuda Form to fly from being fall of to the netherealm to death.

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