Arthur:What a sunny day here at the beach.

Arthur's mom:It really beautiful out there.

Arthur's dad:Sure is.

Arthur:Mom, can I buy a hot dog? I'm hungry.

Arthur's mom:Sure can.

(Arthur ran to a hot dog stand person named Mr.Peter)

Arthur:How much is a hot dog?

Mr.Peter:2 dollars.

Arthur:Here you go.

Mr Peter:Here you go

(Arthur was enjoying his hot dog when Mrs.Martin saw him)

Mrs.Martin:(thinking in her mine)I hate Arthur. He is the worst student I have ever had.I will kill Arthur. Ha!Ha!Ha!

Arthur:That hot dog was delicious. Now let me swim with my dad.

(Mrs.Martin got in front of Arthur)

Mrs.Martin:What are you doing here young Arthur? Aren't you supposed to do your summer homework? That it come with me.

(Mrs.Martin pushed Arthur in the graveyard and kill him)

Mrs. Martin:(laughing) Sweet revenge!Sweet revenge!

(She ran away and into the beach)

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