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Kostaverse is The Home of the Metal Punks that dominates this universe with high rating shows! And with the assistants of Lloyd P. Nebulon

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  • January 7th 2014: Eric Kills Thomas and Friends and get ungrounded
  • September 16th 2015: Eric and David Kill Raa Raa the Noisy Lion


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  • January 9th 2017: Eric and David Kills Splash and Bubbies and gets ungrounded


Smasherverse is a home of GeneratedSmasher

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Disneyvere is a home of Disney and Fox after it's acquisition.

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Phineas T. Ratchet and Dark Bowser's Adventures Edit

Misadventures of Mario Enemies Edit

March 27th 2019: Phineas T. Ratchet, Dark Bowser, Randall Boggs, Razorbeard, Doopliss, Twister Bro and Ice Bro Kidnap Kosta Karatzovalis and Melt Him Down Into Meat and Get Grounded

    • Dark Bowser And His Friends Get Grounded on Christmas/Sent to North Korea
    • Dark Bowser Calls The New Baby Stupid And Gets Grounded Deleted Scenes
    • Dark Bowser escapes Russia and gets WSP
    • Dark Bowser Fails To Babysit Kikko Hayashida And Akio Toriyama/Beaten Up By Mufasa
    • Dark Bowser kills Disney Princesses and gets grounded
    • Dark Bowser makes a grounded video out of Lucy McCall
    • Dark Bowser Makes a Grounded Video Out of Mr Dallas and Gets Grounded
    • Dark Bowser Pushes Chiro Off the Rooftop and Gets Grounded
    • Dark Bowser pushes Fate off the rooftop and gets grounded
    • Dark Bowser sings Rosin the Beau and gets grounded
    • Dark Bowser taunts at his teacher and gets sent to Russia
    • Dark Bowser Worst Birthday Ever
    • Dark Bowser Writes Tehctar Pu Kcip and Gets Grounded
    • Dark Bowser, Phineas T. Ratchet, Sir Kay, and Razorbeard swear at School
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