Police Officer-Wiseguy

Kosta's mom-Grace

Kosta's dad-Simon


This takes place right after Mundy called Kosta the N word.


Me: Officer, can I talk to you?

Police Officer: Yes Fluttershy106.

Me: I don't like Mundy.

Police Officer: Why?

Me: Because not only he along with Gelman, Lawson and Skeens try to do harm to me, his antics got my friend Kosta sent to the insane hospital.

Police Officer: Why?

Me: Because he called him the N word. He could have used his words, told you his disability or stayed away from the mace, but it was too much than he could handle.

Police Officer: I understand your point but I had to send your friend Kosta to the insane hospital. What causes you to rage at your enemies including the Third Street School bullies?

Me: Autism. This isn't something someone can control.  I will dial his mom.

(at the Karatzovalis residence)

Kosta's dad: Who's calling?

Kosta's mom: Hello, this is Grace Karatzovalis speaking.

Me: This is Fluttershy106 speaking. I just talked to the police officer and told him that your son is innocent. 

Kosta's mom: What did he do to get sent to the insane hospital?

Me: He tried to use mace on the boy who called him the N-Word.

Kosta's mom: Who called him the N-Word?

Me: Conrad Mundy. Kosta could have used his words, told the police officer his disability or stayed away from the mace. Now he has put you and Simon in some form of struggle. 

Kosta's mom: I understand Fluttershy106 but Kosta clearly was the one who made everything escalate. Until he can calm down, he remains at the insane hospital. I'm sorry Fluttershy106, but there's nothing you can do about it.

Me: I hope he can calm down and forget about what happened.

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