Rachel Hart-Julie

Dr. Philium Benedict and Tygo-Steven




MCFRSandHCDFRS10000 is going to revive Hildie.


MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: I am so going to revive my girlfriend Hildie and her brother after Hildie was pushed into the crocodile pit by Rachel and her brother was thrown up to the sun by Gelman!

(back with Dr. Philium Benedict)

Dr. Philium Benedict: What is going on?

Gelman: I think MCFRSandHCDFRS10000 is going to revive Hildie.

(at the graveyard)

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: This is my only chance!

(Hildie comes back)

Hildie: Wait?! Where am I?!

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: I just revived you. 

Gelman: You just revived Hildie! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Rachel Hart: Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!

Dr. Phillium Benedict (in his sound clip): All my plans! My hopes and dreams! Ruined! RUINED!!!!!

(at Hildie's house)

Stetson: MCFRSandHCDFRS10000, since you just revived our daughter Hildie, we will unground you.

Nanneth: That's right. You are ungrounded forever.

Stetson: Just for that, you will come with us to revive Tygo.

(after Stetson, Nanneth and Hildie took MCFRSandHCDFRS10000 to the graveyard)

Stetson: This will be our only chance.

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: I hope Tygo is alive and well.

(Tygo appears)

Tygo: Mom and Dad, thank you for reviving my sister and I.

MCFRSandHCDFRS10000: Hildie's also my girlfriend. 

Tygo: And I am now a good boy.


The audio featuring Dr. Phillium Benedict saying, "All my plans, my hopes and dreams ruined. RUINED!" from the movie Recess: School's Out was used after Dr. Phillium Benedict found out that MCFRSandHCDFRS10000 revived his girlfriend Hildie along with her brother Tygo. 

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