Mundy - Eric

Mr Mundy (Mundy's dad) - Alan

Mrs Mundy (Mundy's mum) - Kate

Lawson - Eric

Gelman - Joey

Skeens - Brian

Cream The Rabbit - Ivy

Cheese The Chao - Shy Girl

Mint The Green Puffle - Tween Girl

Knuckles - Steven

Goldie The Gold Puffle - Steven

Rozalin (Disgaea) - Kate

Tink (Disgaea) - French Fry

Gregg (Night In The Woods) - Eric 

Bea  (Night In The Woods) - Susan

Rabbid - Steven

Intercom - Professor 

Amy Rose - Julie

Tad White - Alan

Sheeta - Emma

Dunkin' Donuts Clerk - Simon

Shadow - Dave

Mundy's dad's angry voice  - Kidaroo

Truck Driver - Steven



Part 1: Incidents at the Water Park areaEdit

At the lounge, Mundy's parents told their son Mundy some exciting news.

Mundy's dad: Hey Conrad, me and your mother have some exciting news! You are going to the Great Wolf Lodge with your friends.

Mundy: Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! I'm finally going to the Great Wolf Lodge with my friends! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Mundy's dad: And there's more! If you behave at the Great Wolf Lodge with your friends, you will be ungrounded.

Mundy's mum: Now let's get in the bus that goes to the Great Wolf Lodge!

The bus that goes to the Great Wolf Lodge had arrived, and then Mundy and his parents went out of the house and got into the bus. Then the bus departed on the way to the Great Wolf Lodge. 100 minutes later, the bus arrived at Great Wolf Lodge, and then Mundy's parents dropped Mundy off.

Mundy's mum: Okay, Conrad! Have fun!

Lawson, Gelman and Skeens were also dropped off from the bus by their parents.

Lawson: Hi, Mundy! My parents told me that I'm going to the Great Wolf Lodge with you.

Mundy: Hi, Lawson! Hi, Gelman! Hi, Skeens! We're at the Great Wolf Lodge! Let's go have some fun!

Gelman: Yeah! That's great!

Skeens: Let's go inside the Great Wolf Lodge!

Mundy and his friends went inside the Great Wolf Lodge. Then he and his friends met Knuckles the Echidna, Mint the Green Puffle, Goldie the Gold Puffle, Gregg, Bea and the Rabbid wearing their swimsuits.

Mundy: Hey guys! Can we go on the water slide?

Knuckles: Okay. Just make sure you stay with us.

Gregg: And don't wet yourselves while you're going down.

Bea: Besides, you guys have a really bad habit of doing that.

Mundy: We know! We know! Just stop talking and let's go!

Lawson: Yeah, you heard Mundy! Let's go!

Gelman: On the double!

Rabbid: Alright, guys! Just wait for Rozalin and Tink and we will go.

Five minutes later, Rozalin and Tink had arrived while wearing their swimsuits and they had been in the front of the queue.

Mundy and his friends were annoyed.

Mundy: Curse this line! I just want to go down to the slide!

Lawson: Me too!

Gelman: Me three!

Skeens: Me four!

Gelman: I wish I beat the living tar out of those hogs. Waiting is stupid.

Lawson: Yeah, this whomps!

Knuckles: Boys! Be patient or else I am taking you down the slide with me! And this means you Mundy!

Fifteen wasteful minutes later, Mundy and his friends were in swimming trunks and they slid down the slide.

Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Lawson: This is so awesome!

Gelman: We are so glad we are here!

Mundy: This is the best daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ever!

Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens: Woo hoo!

Suddenly, Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens were blocked by four swimmers named Sonic, Tails, Marine and Blaze.

Mundy: Uh-oh! We're stuck!

Skeens: These idiots are in the way!

Gelman: Selfish hogs!

Eight minutes later, Knuckles, Gregg, Bea, the Rabbid, Rozalin, Tink, Mint and Goldie were now stuck with Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens.

Knuckles: Oh great! Now we're stuck!

Mundy: That's it! Me, Lawson, Gelman Skeens are going to take care of these idiots!

Gelman: So stand still, guys! We're going to beat the living tar out of these idiots! 

Gregg and Rabbid: Wait boys!

Mint: No no no no no no no no!

Rozalin: Don't do it, boys! 

Knuckles: You don't know what you're doing!

Bea: Please don't do it boys! 

(Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens began to beat up Sonic, Tails, Marine and Blaze which sent them sliding down the slide. Then Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens slid down the slide in peace and they reached the end. They got off the slope, and then Knuckles, Gregg, Bea, the Rabbid, Rozalin, Tink, Mint and Goldie came off the slope. Knuckles and Bea were very annoyed with Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens. Rozalin was crying.)

Knuckles: You guys had to beat up Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine stuck in the slide! Look what you did! You made Rozalin cry! Let's just go to the wave pool before someone finds out about this! 

So Knuckles, Gregg, Bea, the Rabbid, Rozalin, Tink, Mint and Goldie went off to the wave pool, and then Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens came along with them. Bea called up to the lifeguard.

Bea: Hey Mr Lifeguard! Nice view from up here!

The Rabbid was lying down on the pool.

Tink: Hey Rabbid! Why are your lying down!

Rabbid: I'm just enjoying the view from down here! 

Then everyone heard the intercom.

Intercom: Attention, guests! Toonami will be playing Castle in the Sky near the wave pool! We hope you enjoy the movie!

Rozalin: Yay! Castle in the Sky is on! 

Mundy, Lawson, Gelman and Skeens were dismayed.

Mundy: Oh no! Not Castle in the Sky! I hate that movie!

Lawson: So do I, Mundy!

Gelman: I agree!

Skeens: I agree with Lawson, Gelman and Mundy! This movie whomps! Why won't they show Carnosaur?

Lawson: What shall we do, Mundy?

Mundy: We've got to do something to prevent the people from getting into the wave pool!

Then Lawson thought of something.

Lawson: Wait! I know! This is the one thing that always guards people!

Gelman: We guarantee that people will get out of the pool because of this! We're going to prank everyone that there's leeches in the wave pool!

Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens began to pretend to be lifeguards.

Mundy: Hey everybody! There are leeches in the wave pool! Get out or you will lose your blood!

Then everyone in the wave pool screamed in horror, and they fled to safety. The boys' trick had worked! Seven minutes later, the intercom announced as Knuckles, Bea, Rozalin and Tink came back. 

Intercom: Attention, guests! That was a false alarm! There are no leeches in the wave pool! Someone made a prank there were leeches in the wave pool. We make sure that won't happen again. 

Knuckles was very upset with Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens. 

Knuckles: Boys! What the heck were you thinking?!

Bea: You just scared pretty much everyone in the wave pool! 

Rozalin: If you didn't want to watch Castle in the Sky, you could have just went on the slide instead!

Tink: Let's go to the other water park right now! 

So Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Knuckles, Bea, Rozalin and Tink went to the other water park. Later, Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens were forced to do Big Foot Pass. Amy Rose was standing the second Big Foot step. 

Mundy: Ugh! Do we really have to do Big Foot Pass? 

Bea: Boys! Just do it, you'll be fine! Oh, and wait your turn!

Lawson: Are you freaking serious?!

Skeens: That loser hedgehog girl Amy Rose is stuck between the Foot Pass!

Knuckles: Boys, wait until she falls off before she finishes or have her make it to the end. 

Gelman: No! Let us take care of her! We'll beat the living tar out of her! 

Then Mundy, Skeens, Lawson and Gelman jumped onto the first Big Foot step and they jumped to the second one to confront Amy. 

Rozalin: Oh no! Not again!

Gregg, Mint and Goldie: Don't do it! You're gonna...

Gelman: Stand back, Amy! Me and my friends are going to beat the living tar out of you!

Amy: Nononononononononono! Please don't beat me up! 

(Mundy, Skeens, Lawson and Gelman began to beat up poor Amy and pushed her in the pool. Poor Amy was injured. Then Rozalin dives into the water, swims underwater and picked up Amy who had been beaten up as she went up to the surface and waded back onto land.)

Knuckles was annoyed with Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens. 

Knuckles: Boys! This is the second time you have beaten up someone! And this means you, Mundy! You and your friends have beaten up poor Amy. Now Amy has to go to the hospital, thanks to you!

Rozalin: You boys are so lucky that you are not in jail! 

At the GNN News studio, Tad White heard the news that Amy Rose had been beaten up by Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens. 

Tad: Um... we'll be back after this commercial break.

The Legendary Crew Junior animal toy commercial starts to play as we hear the Godzilland song

Sheeta (Offscreen): Here they are! 5 toys of The Legendary Crew Junior animal heroes have arrived.

We see Elucia De Lute Ima's hands holding her Bing Bong plush

Sheeta (Offscreen): Bing Bong, the elephant monster representing earth. Tickle his belly to hear him let out an Anguirus roar.

Female Kana's hands are seen holding a Reggie plush

Sheeta (Offscreen): Reggie, the turkey monster of the wind. Touching his tail will make him roar like Rodan.

Sophie Twilight's hands are shown holding a Classified plush toy

Sheeta (Offscreen): Classified, the wolf monster of ice. Touch the middle of his belt to make him roar like Jet Jaguar.

Himawari's hands are seen holding a Sharptooth plush

Sheeta (Offscreen): Sharptooth, the tyrannosaurus rex monster of fire. Tickling him will make him roar like MechaGodzilla.

We see the hands of Ermengarde St. John holding a Cyber Woo plush toy

Sheeta (Offscreen): Cyber Woo, the gorilla monster of steel. Tickle him to make him roar like King Kong.

Finally we see the hands of Meggy Spletzer holding a Chanticleer plush toy

Sheeta (Offscreen): And Chanticleer, the rooster monster of stone. Touch his crest to make him roar like Moguera

We see the plush toys of Bing Bong, Reggie, Classified, Sharptooth, Cyber Woo and Chanticleer

Sheeta (Offscreen): The first 6 animal members of Legendary Crew Junior in plush toys are on sell now. Only $4.00 per toy, get them now at Walmart. The Legendary Crew Junior premieres on December 1st, only on TV Tokyo. Get them now today.

The Commercial ends as the Godzilland song concludes.

Back at the Great Wolf Lodge, Knuckles, Gregg, Bea, Rabbid, Mint, Goldie, Rozalin and Tink are wearing their pajamas and were at the big bedroom with Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens (Also wearing their pajamas). There were some beds around that room. Everyone had got into the beds and fell asleep. Knuckles had stern words for Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens.

Knuckles: You know what boys? Just behave tomorrow or else you are in big trouble! Good night! 

Mundy: Good night!

Part 2: Destruction of Great Wolf LodgeEdit

Clerk: Welcome to Dunkin' Donuts! How may I help you?  

Mundy: We want 15 million donuts and 15000 hash browns! Oh, and 150 coolattas! 

Lawson: Yeah, we want them!

Tink: Boys! That's too much! You will vomit if you eat all that!

Bea: Can't you just order less? 

Skeen: Fine just give us one or two of each because of this we hope you are happy now Tink and Bea!

Tink: Really? Now you boys are just being rude! 

Bea: Let's just grab our food, and we'll head to the arcade!

Ten minutes later, at the arcade, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao had tried to get the snow pellets into the container. 

Cream: Darn it! The snow pellets won't go into the container! I really wanted 1000 tickets! Oh well! We will just go play something else in the arcade! Right, Cheese?

Cheese: Chao chao! 

On the other side of the arcade, Mundy was excited, and so were Skeens, Lawson and Gelman. 

Mundy: Oh boy! Time to earn some tickets! First try.

Skeens: Go Mundy, go!

So Mundy began to hit the rescue animal, the rope gets an armadillo.

Mundy: Darn it! Second try.

Then Mundy pressed the button as the rescue rope missed.

Mundy, Skeens, Lawson and Gelman were shocked. 

Mundy: That's it! Third try. 

Then Mundy hits the button again. Six failed attempts later, Mundy felt annoyed. 

Mundy: This rope better catch that elephant! 

Then the Mundy presses the button and he managed to do it. The rope catches an elephant

Mundy: Yay!

Skeens: You did it Mundy! 

Gelman: Yay! You got the big animal at last!

Lawson: Good show! 

Then suddenly when the elephant got rescued, the game crashed.

Lawson: Uh oh Mundy! You just broke the game! 

Mundy was very angry, and started holding his fist as steam is coming out of his head.

Mundy: You know what?! Curse, this, game! 

Skeens: Yeah, this game whomps! 

Lawson: Destroy that Safari Ranger machine, Mundy!

Then Mundy punched the Safari Ranger machine, which set it on fire. 

Mundy: Oh no! I lit it on fire! Skeens! Lawson! Gelman! We better get out of here!

Skeens: Let's get out of here!

Lawson, Gelman, Mundy and Skeens began to flee.

Then Shadow the Hedgehog smelled something. 

Shadow: What's that smell? Oh no! It's a fire!

The guests started screaming in horror. 

Shadow: Everyone! Get out now or we will be roasted! 

Mint and Goldie ran away from Dunkin' Donuts to get out of the Great Wolf Lodge. Gregg and the Rabbid escaped from Magiquest. Rozalin escaped from Fort Mackenzie.  Knuckles, Bea, and Tink escaped from the restaurant, and then everyone had managed to escape from the Great Wolf Lodge. Then suddenly, the Great Wolf Lodge burns down and falls apart becoming a pile of debris! Now, Mundy, Skeens, Lawson and Gelman are going to be in deep trouble and they would be grounded when they get home. 

Part 3 finale: Mundy gets doomedEdit

Cream: Mundy, Skeens, Lawson and Gelman, What the heck were you thinking, you just destroyed the Great Wolf Lodge. You boys made Rozalin cry again!

Rozalin: (Crying) Why did you do that? Now I'm still in my swimsuit because of you boys.

Gregg: You didn't listen to us. 

Sonic: You boys are in serious trouble!

Mint: You nearly killed anyone Now it will take months to repair Great Wolf Lodge!

Mundy: I'm sorry, it was just an accident.

Rozalin: (Crying) No it wasn't, banging on the Safari Ranger arcade machine is dangerous and that will cause a wildfire. (Continues crying)

Rabbid: You boys are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded when you get home!

(We see Mundy's dad angry with a firey background surrounding him)

Mundy's dad: (Baragon roar) (Kidaroo voice) Conrad, Conrad, Conrad, Conrad, Conrad, GET YOUR GOD D*** F***ING A** OVER HERE RIGHT NOW YOU STUPID SON OF A MOTHERF***ING B****! 

The bus reached Mundy's house, and Mundy got off the bus. Lawson, Gelman and Skeens were next to be home in disgrace.

Lawson: See you back in school, Mundy.

Mundy: Bye. 

Then Mundy went inside his house and he entered the lounge where his parents were waiting. Mundy's parents were red and furious with Mundy. 

Mundy's dad: What on Earth Conrad! I cannot believe you destroyed the Great Wolf Lodge! Now we have to pay ten million dollars to repair the whole Great Wolf Lodge!

Mundy's mum: And thanks to you, we also will be paying for the hospital bill because of what you did. And we will be going to the hospital to visit poor Sonic, Tails, Marine and Blaze that you beat up in the slide and give them some healthy medicine. 

Mundy's dad: That's it, you are so grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for three weeks! Now go upstairs to your room and we'll give you your punishment. No more Great Wolf Lodge for you and you totally lost your chance to get Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch when it comes out!

We then see Mundy and his parents in his room and a large cardboard box appears

Mundy's dad: Put everything in this box now and we will give it to a truck!

Mundy: No!

Mundy's dad: I guess we will do this the hard way.

Mundy's computer, desk, office chair, Rated R and Rated NC-17 VHS Tapes, DVDs, Blu-rays, adult toys, AO and M rated video games, music albums from popular rappers and bands, posters and books that are pornographic, shelf, playboy magazines, Mundy's own CD on which he put Rap CDs, pet gorilla, lamp, alarm clock, CD player, bedside table, Playstation and Xbox consoles, bed and blanket get packed and put in the box.

Mundy's mum: Now everything is in this box. Now we will give them to a truck so it can be delivered to the junkyard.

Mundy's parents pick up the box carrying it.

Mundy: (In Jafar's voice) Noooooooooooooooooo!

Mundy's parents, the truck driver, the box and the truck are outside the house

Truck Driver: Hello Mr. Mundy, hello Mrs. Mundy.

Mundy's mum: Oh hello sir.

Truck Driver: What are you doing with that box? Are you both going on a vacation or are you moving house?

Mundy's Dad: No, we are donating Conrad's stuff to the junkyard because Conrad is grounded for misbehaving at Great Wolf Lodge.

Truck Driver: OK, your son is grounded. So he won't get his favorite things back for the rest of his life. Right?

Mundy's dad: That's right!

Truck Driver: Well thank you. That will be a great donation to the junkyard. Thank you.

Mundy's mum: You're welcome.

Mundy's parents walk back to Conrad's room. The truck driver puts the box into the truck, closes the truck doors, gets into the truck cab, and drives away.

We see Mundy and his parents in the white background.

Mundy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mundy's mum: Now that everything in you're room is all gone. You never get your stuff again from now on. You will now sleep in a sewer! Go to bed now.

Mundy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(The red colored Defeat word appears as Sorrowful Result from Fire Emblem Warriors plays)

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