Mundy Pushes TJ Detweiler Off the Rooftop and Gets Grounded is a grounded video by Kosta Karatzovalis as part of the Recessverse, published on May 8th 2019


Mundy and TJ Detweiler-Eric

Vince LaSSao-Paul


Gretchen Grundler-Amy

Mikey Blumberg-Joey

Gus Griswald-Evil Genius/David/Zack

Shadow the Hedgehog-Dave

Mundy's dad-Alan

Mundy's mom-Kate


(At the city, Mundy had a naughty plan)

Mundy: I'm going to push that whomping kid TJ Detweiler off the rooftop. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

(At the rooftop, TJ and the Gang were chatting with each other)

Gus: Is it a nice view from up here?

Vince: Yes it is, Gus.

(Just then, Mundy came, much to TJ and the Gang's horror)

Mundy: Hello TJ and the Gang, and who is that right next to the white shirt and black middle stripes with with you. Hey, that's right, TJ Detweiler, you beat me and my friends Skeens, Lawson and Gelman up.

Mikey: Oh my god, how did you came back to get revenge on us. By the Way. We.

Gus: Really.

Spinelli: Hate.

Gretchen: You.

Vince: Mundy.

Mundy: That's it, I'm going to push TJ off the rooftop for getting revenge on me and my friends.

(Mundy pushed off TJ down to the ground but critical)


Vince: TJ.

TJ: WA (x6) Ow (x20). I, Can't, move, I'm going to bring out Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow, please put me on the other rooftop and attack Mundy with your Chaos Control in your super form.

(Shadow arrived and picked up TJ Detweiler)

Shadow: This is gonna hurt you Conrad Mundy, I must get in my super form.

(Magic realistic hand picked up Shadow the Hedgehog, and then dropped him down with his super form)

Shadow: Now I'm in my super form, I will attack you.

Mundy: No (x15)

Shadow: Chaos, Control.

Mundy: Ow (x10). Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that hurt.

Gretchen: Shadow, please take TJ to the hospital.

Spinelli: We are taking to your father right now.

Text: When Mundy got home

Mr. Mundy: Oh no, please don't tell us that Conrad caused trouble.

Spinelli: Well, Mundy did cause trouble. He pushed TJ off the rooftop and he has really been badly hurt, now he needs a 24 hour surgery and you are gonna pay a hospital bill.

Mr. Mundy: Oh (x25). Conrad, you are so grounded grounded grounded grounded until TJ recovers.

Mrs. Mundy: Go to bed now.

Lawson: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Curse you TJ's friends! All of you whomp!

Mr. Mundy: Oh (x25). Conrad, how dare you say to TJ's friends they whomp?! That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded until you watch Sesame Street! (to Mrs. Mundy) Man! Conrad is such a naughty boy.

Mrs. Mundy: I know right Reginald?

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