Mr. Mundy-Alan


This is based on the Fairly Oddparents episode Beddy Bye.


Sandman: Ah, snoring. Music to my ears. [reverts back to his original size] I'm back and sandier than ever!

Mundy: So, we're cool, right?

Sandman: Well, thanks to your wish, everyone destroyed their mattresses. Which means they gotta buy more.

Mundy: So, we are cool. Awesome!

Sandman: Yes, but just to make sure that you realize how much people need sleep, let's see how you do without it for another week? Hoo, ha, ha! [casts magic onto Mundy to make him sleepless for a week]

Mundy: Ha! Seven days! How bad could that be?

(16 hours later)

Mundy: Man, I'm tired and the sleepless magic done by the sandman hasn't worn off. I know. I will get some water to wear it off.

(after Mundy drinks it)

Mundy: Now to fall asleep.

(back at the Sandman's castle)

Sandman: Now to see how Mundy is doing. What?! It has been 16 hours and Mundy fell asleep during his punishment?! He needed to be awake for 168 hours, not 16! I will call his dad!

(Mr. Mundy is asleep in bed and his phone rings)

Mr. Mundy: Hello, who's calling me at 3:00 AM?

Sandman: That would be the sandman. 

Mr. Mundy: What did my son do this time?!

Sandman: Well, he wished for a world without sleep, that's one thing. As punishment, I cast magic on him so he wouldn't be asleep for one week. However, after 16 hours of being active, he must have made the magic wear off by drinking some water. 

Mr. Mundy: Thanks for telling me that! I will ground him!

(next morning)

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, I got a call from the sandman that you defied your punishment! It was to stay awake for one week, but you only made it through 16 hours. Why couldn't you conquer the 168-hour punishment that he gave you?!

Mundy: Dad, the reason why I didn't like that punishment was because I couldn't make it past 16 hours of being active, but Fluttershy106, the creator and the one who substitutes for Principal Prickly, can make through 14, 15 or 16 of being active as well.

Mr. Mundy: Son, finding a way to get out of your punishment is one thing, but the reason why the sandman gave you that punishment is because you made a bad wish, which was to make the entire world not fall asleep. That was to teach you a lesson. You're in big trouble. Now get back to your room now.

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