Miss Finster and Officer Durado-Wiseguy

Police Officer 1-Dallas

Mr. Mundy-Alan


Based on the ending of Hall Monitor from Spongebob.


(after Mundy was known as the Maniac)

Mundy: Poor rookie. Alright, I'm on my way back.

Gelman: Hurry, Mundy, I think it's getting... [the bright sky suddenly, becomes dark] ...dark.

Mundy: Just put on your siren and I'll be right there.

Gelman: Wee-woo. Wee-woo. Wee-woo. Wee-woo. [Gelman picks up the poster that the officers showed him earlier. Then sees a darkish figure down the road. It's Mundy, but Patrick doesn't realize it] [gasps loudly] Wee-woo! Wee-woo! Wee-woo! Mundy! I see him!

Mundy: [over walkie-talkie] Where is he, Gelman?

Gelman: [over walkie-talkie] At the intersection of Conch and Coral. [Mundy turns his head around to read the street sign]

Mundy: That's where I am! He's right on top of me, but I can't see him! What's he doing?

Gelman: Uhh, he's just standing there... MENACINGLY! [screams over walkie-talkie] GET OUT OF THERE, MUNDY! [Mundy screams] THAT'S HIS MANIAC SHRIEK! HE'S GOING TO ATTACK! [Mundy cries while running around in circles] He's acting all crazy! RUN! HIDE BEHIND THAT BUILDING! [Mundy hides behind the building] NO, HE'S BEHIND THAT BUILDING! OH, QUICK, HIDE BEHIND THAT STREET SIGN! [Mundy hides behind the street sign] NO WAIT! THE MANIAC JUST WENT BEHIND THAT SIGN! QUICK! GET UNDER THE STREET LIGHT! [Mundy gets under the street lights] NO WAIT, AGH, HE'S THERE, TOO! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! [Mundy jumps inside a mailbox. As he tries to relax, the radio is cutting out]

Mundy: [over walkie-talkie] Say again, deputy?

Gelman: THE MANIAC'S IN THE MAILBOX! [Mundy screams and bursts his arms and legs through the mailbox. He alternates between screaming and crazily jabbering as he runs through three buildings, causing them to topple over and eventually crashes through a fence plasted with wanted posters]

Mundy: [takes a look at a wanted poster] Huh, this guy's not half-bad-looking for a maniac. Wait a minute, Gelman, I'm the maniac! [Gelman screams in the background and a mass of police cars surround Mundy]

Officer Durado: We'll take that as a confession. [Miss Finster appears]

Miss Finster: Conrad Mundy, there you are! I turn my back on you for one minute and you destroy half the city! You should be ashamed of yourself! [Mundy slumps sadly at these words]

Officer #1: You know this guy?

Miss Finster: Of course I do. I'm the one who gave him the uniform in the first place. He's my responsibility. [the cops glare at her] Uh-oh...

(at home)

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, I can't believe you destroyed half the city! Now because of you,  Miss Finster is now in jail! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 10 days! Go to your room and you just wait until you go back to school tomorrow!

(the next day at the Third Street School, as Miss Finster is teaching class from jail through the classroom TV)

Miss Finster: In conclusion class, red means stop, green means go. And Mundy...

Mundy: Yes, Miss Finster?

Miss Finster: I'd like to see you after class! Six months from now!

(Mundy found himself in his room and wakes up)

Mundy: Oh boy. Destroying the city was a dream.

(Then Mundy hears his dad calling)

Mr Mundy: Conrad, I've got a phone call from King Bob's dad. He explained to me that you put spiders in King Bob's room which could scare him.

Mundy: Uh-oh. I must confess to my dad now.

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