Miss Finster-Wiseguy

Anderson Host and Mr. Mundy-Alan



Note: Anderson Host, who normally is in the Mario Enemies school, is substituting for Miss Lemon because her car broke down.


Miss Finster: Okay class, it's time to take out yesterday's homework.

(everyone takes out their homework except for Mundy)

Miss Finster: Where's your homework?!

Mundy: I don't have my homework.

Miss Finster: That's it! Go to detention!

(in detention)

Mundy: Anderson Host, why are you here?

Anderson Host: Miss Lemon's car broke down so I'm substituting for her! Anyways, welcome to detention, you will stay here for six hours!

Mundy: No! I want to go home now!

Anderson Host: You can go home after six hours are up!

Mundy: Fine, whatever, you Lia Lucia Wannabe! You need to get a life!

Anderson Host: That! Is! It! Go to the principal's office now!

(in the office)

Mundy: So Fluttershy106, we meet again.

Me: That's right! Anyways, what landed you here this time?

Mundy: I didn't have my homework.

Me: Conrad, you know we don't forget homework!

Mundy: But Fluttershy106, I didn't mean to forget my homework, it's just because I...

Me: Before you continue, I also heard you acted up during detention, talked back to the substitute detention teacher and called him a Lia Lucia Wannabe! We don't allow that kind of behavior in the Third Street School! That's it! You're getting Suspension Level 4! Get out now!

Mundy (running out): I'll get you for this!

Me (after door slams): Make that Level 5! (to myself) Man, I hate that bully!

(at home)

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, I heard you forgot your homework and then acted up during detention! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!

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