Mundy's angry voice-Shouty

Mundy's sad voice-Microsoft Sam


Mrs. Mundy-Kate

Mr. Mundy-Alan


Mundy gets in big trouble.


Mundy: Let's see what's on TV.

Announcer: And now, Dora the Explorer.

Mundy: I hate that show!

(he throws the remote at the TV)

Mrs. Mundy: Conrad, what was that?!

Mundy: I threw the TV at the remote because...

Mrs. Mundy: Say no more! You can't do that at your age!

Mundy: I can do that and you didn't let me finish my sentence!

Mrs. Mundy: When a teacher tells you to stop talking, you stop!

Mundy: So what?! You wouldn't let me finish a simple sentence! I don't care what Miss Finster says to me! See! You're selfish! You're a spoiled brat! How does it feel to be told, "SHUT UP?!"

Mrs. Mundy: I told you not to...

(he slaps his mom)

Mundy (Shouty’s voice): LET ME SPEAK! HOW DOES THAT FEEL?

(Mr. Mundy is cross with his son)

Mr. Mundy: Nice going Conrad! Your mother has a bruise on her face! You can't ever slap your mother! You're grounded twice as long! March upstairs to your room until you're ready to apologize to her!

Mundy (Microsoft Sam's voice): Yes sir.


Mundy (Microsoft Sam's voice): Asswipe!


Mundy (Microsoft Sam's voice): SOI...

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