Police Officer 1-Wiseguy

Police Officer 2-Daniel

Police Officer 3-Lee

Mundy, Lawson, King Bob, and Boris-Eric

Caillou and Thomas-David/Evil Genius/Zack


Caillou (as Microsoft Sam)-Microsoft Sam

Boris' angry voice-Shouty

Rachel Hart-Julie

Mr. Mundy-Alan





Mundy gets in big trouble. Boris doesn't throw a breakdown.


Mundy: I'm bored. There's nothing to do. I will apply for a job as a police officer.

(at the police station)

Mundy: I would like a job as a police officer please.

Boss: Come with me please.

(in the conference room)

Boss: Mundy, do you have the skills to be a police officer?

Mundy: Yes.

Police Officer 1: He already went through training.

Police Officer 2: And he can join our team.

Police Officer 3: I agree. Also, I heard that TJ and the Gang revived Caillou.

Boss: I agree with all of them.

(at a bank where Rachel Hart and her boyfriend Erwin Lawson just robbed money)

Mundy: Hold it right there! You are under arrest for robbing a bank!

Lawson: You can't do that to us!

Rachel Hart: We're on your side!

Mundy: Are you telling me you're on my team after you robbed this bank?! 

Lawson: We are on your team.

Rachel Hart: Please, let us go.

Mundy: Fine. Since you two are my friends, I will let you off with a warning. If the money isn't put in the bank in 119 days, I will have to arrest you two and I mean it this time.

Lawson: Thank you.

Rachel Hart: You're a nice police officer.

Mundy: You're welcome.

Later, as Mundy was walking, he heard something.

King Bob: So I heard Dave made faces at you two? Huh? Guess what?

King Bob punches Thomas.

Thomas: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Chloe: Robert Cartwright, how dare you punch my boyfriend to the ground and make him bleed?!

King Bob: Excuse me?! Did you just call me by my give name?!

Chloe: Yes I did! I'm going to call your parents!

King Bob (while holding a gun): If you dare to call my parents, I will shoot you! Besides, my relationship with Tara is way better than Thomas and yours! It whomps!

Chloe: You wouldn't shoot me! My dad is a police officer and he will arrest you!

Mundy arrives just in time.

Mundy (to Chloe): Your father couldn't make it so I'm here!

Chloe: Who are you?

Mundy: I'm Conrad Mundy but you can call me by my surname. I just got a job as a police officer. (to King Bob) Drop the gun or I'll shoot you!

Tara comes in.

Tara: Hey! You're not a police officer!

Mundy (to Tara): I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to your boyfriend!

Tara: I don't care! Just because you're a police officer doesn't give you the right to threaten my boyfriend with a gun just because he threatened Chloe Lambert Piper with a gun as well!

Mundy (to Tara): I don't care! (to King Bob) You have two choices! Either drop the gun or I'll shoot you! What will it be?

King Bob: Neither! I hate Thomas Russo and Chloe Piper! You need to respect my opinion!

Diesel's voice: Break it up!

Chloe: It's Dad.

Diesel: Why is there a king trying to kill my daughter?!

Chloe: He also gave my boyfriend a bloody nose.

Mundy: To be honest Mr. Piper, the king you were referring to assaulted Thomas by punching him in the nose. Your daughter was just about to call his parents but then he took out a gun and said that her relationship whomps. Then I pointed the gun and tried to shoot him but this other girl stopped me.

Diesel: Who is that king you're referring to?

Mundy: It was King Bob.

Diesel (to King Bob): That's it! I'm going to take you to your parents!

King Bob: Mr. Piper, I just hate Thomas and Chloe's relationship. 

Diesel: I respect your opinion but that doesn't give you the right to threaten my daughter.

Diesel Piper sent King Bob home. King Bob was on a couch feeling nervous.

Jason: Not my son. What did he do?

Diesel Piper: King Bob assaulted Thomas by punching him in the nose. My daughter was just about to call you but then he took out a gun and said that her relationship whomps. Then this other guy who thinks he's a police officer tried to shoot him.

Jason: Robert, why would you do that?

King Bob: Because that other police officer was one of my enemies, Mundy. Besides, I didn't like Thomas and Chloe's relationship. 

Jason: I respect your opinion.

Back at the park, Mundy was confused.

Mundy: Curses! King Bob was supposed to be arrested after he tried to murder Chloe Piper, but I was the one who made everything escalate. Diesel was the one to defend his daughter. This whomps.

(meanwhile at Caillou's house)

Caillou: I'm going to turn into Microsoft Sam, but first, I need to change my look.

(15 minutes later)

Caillou: There. Now to change my voice. (Now speaking like Microsoft Sam) Hi! I am Microsoft Sam! I am the greatest thing on the Internet! SOI!

(back with Mundy)

Mundy: There seems to be a crime in progress! I will check the Anderson residence! 

(back at Boris' room)

Caillou: Hi dad, I am Microsoft Sam, the greatest Internet character of all time.

Boris: Hold on! Something seems fishy! You gotta be Caillou!

(back with Mundy as he goes to the Anderson's front door)

Caillou (off-screen): Shut up Boris! You can't prove that I am not real! Look at me! I am right here standing in front of you! I am right here speaking to you!

Boris (off-screen): That's not true at all...

Mundy (while Boris continues to talk): Caillou is in trouble and he thinks he's Microsoft Sam. I will go inside to investigate the scene.

Caillou: Dad, if you think that I'm Caillou and not Microsoft Sam, then you must be really dumb!

Boris: Oh! So you think I'm dumb?! Well guess what?! I'll prove that I'm not dumb by showing my alter ego!

Caillou: What are you going to do? Change into red Boris?! Come on! I dare you!

Boris: Okay! You asked for it!

(Back downstairs)

Mundy: Uh-oh! Three words! Here! Comes! Trouble!

(back in Boris' room) 

Boris: There's the red teeth guy and I will eat you for dinner!

(Caillou runs away laughing as Boris the Teeth guy chases after Caillou)

Caillou: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah soi soi soi ROFL ROFL ROFL!

(Boris the Teeth Guy chases after Caillou only to be stopped by Mundy)

Mundy: Hold it right there!

Boris the Teeth Guy: Hey! You can't arrest me! I only did that to teach Caillou a (BLEEP)ing lesson! Let me at him! Let me at him!

Mundy: That doesn't get you the right to chase after your son after he turned into Microsoft Sam!

Boris the Teeth Guy: I have to because he can't prank me! He is NOT Microsoft Sam!

Mundy: No! You don't!

Boris the Teeth Guy (Shouty's voice): LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM!

Mundy: I'm afraid your rage is getting worse. You have to go to the insane hospital for four weeks that will calm you down. You're getting mad and insane. Come with me now.

Boris the Teeth Guy: Don't you dare send me to the insane hospital! If you do, there will be some consequences! I was only doing that to prove Caillou was not Microsoft Sam!

Mundy: Shut up! You deserve it!

Then Mundy took Boris the Teeth Guy away and sent him to the insane hospital. Then Boris the Teeth Guy and Mundy entered the insane hospital, and then Mundy showed him the ward.

Mundy: This is the ward which is where you are staying. Stay there for a while, this is what you get for trying to attack your son Caillou!

Boris the Teeth Guy: You can't do this! I'm his father! I showed him my alter ego to teach him a lesson! He! Is! Not! Microsoft! Sam!

Mundy: Shut up! Now I'm going to turn you back to normal!

Boris the Teeth Guy: No! No! No! Don't change me back to normal!

Mundy: I don't care!


Mundy: I hope that taught you a lesson!

Mundy left the office. Boris was guilty.

Boris: Man, I can't believe that police officer changed me back to normal all because I tried to attack my son Caillou. Worst day ever.

(back at the police station)

Boss: How did Mundy do?

Police Officer 1: He did poorly! He didn't arrest the two robbers and let them off the hook with a 17-week warning on purpose after they stole money!

Police Officer 2: Then, he threatened an innocent person who didn't like a certain couple and it was a good thing that the girl's father took that person home!

Police Officer 3: The only good thing was he sent Boris the Teeth Guy to the insane hospital, but overall, yeah, he did terrible!

Mundy: How did you guys know what I was doing?!

Police Officer 3: We actually watched you the whole time in secret!

Boss: Mundy, it's seems you're not worthy of being a cop, so you're fired! I will dial your father!

(at home)

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, how dare you fail at being a police officer?! That's it! You're grounded grounded grounded for 4 days! Before you go upstairs, change out of your police uniform!


Mr. Mundy: Now go upstairs to your room now!

Back at the Cartwright residence.

Jason: Robert, why would you try to shoot Chloe Piper?

King Bob: Because she said that Thomas and her relationship was better than Tara and mine.

Jason: You know you were not supposed to do that but you were very lucky Chloe's father didn't take you to jail.

King Bob: Does this mean I'm grounded?

Jason: No. Instead, I'm going to let you off the hook with a warning. If I see you doing something like that again, you'll be grounded and I mean it this time.

King Bob: Don't worry Dad. I promise not do that again.

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