Bowser-Scary Voice

Ice Princess-Julie

Baby Ice Princess-Princess


This picks up right after Baby Ice Princess forced me to make ungrounded videos out of Gelman.


Bowser: Fluttershy106, why did you roar at our daughter like that?

Me: Bowser and Ice Princess, I did that because she forced me to make an ungrounded video out of Gelman, which was my least favorite Recess character. 

Ice Princess: How did you come up with that idea? 

Me: Python the GT Pro Series Game 2019 SPSF gave me that idea to roar at anyone who really ticks me off.

Bowser: We're not here to scold you, but Baby Ice Princess is way too young to be roared at by you. Now because of you, she's in her room crying.

Ice Princess: Just because Python the GT Pro Series Game 2019 SPSF inspired you to roar at any troublemaker including Classic Caillou, Dora, Peppa Pig, Parallel Susie, Bone Goomba, and even our son, Dark Bowser, that doesn't give you the right to roar at our precious daughter. We're giving you a warning. Don't do it again or else you'll be grounded for the first time.

(I walk into Baby Ice Princess' room)

Baby Ice Princess: Fluttershy106, are you here to roar at me again?

Me: No, I'm not here to roar at you again. When a troublemaker such as Classic Caillou, Dora, Peppa Pig, Parallel Susie, Bone Goomba and your older brother Dark Bowser ticks someone off, he/she roars at him/her. Even though I got that idea from Python the GT Pro Series Game 2019 SPSF, I'm sorry I roared at you. I was so mad that I kind of gotten carried away. 

Baby Ice Princess: Apology accepted. Also, I'm still scared when you roared at me. Is there anything that can help me calm down?

Me: I'll tell you once you get in the bathtub.

(Later, Baby Ice Princess is in Comedy World and in her two-piece swimsuit)

Me: I found this Barney bath toy. It's good to help you calm down.

Baby Ice Princess: Thank you Fluttershy106. You're the best.

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