My Mom and Cheri-Susan

My Dad-Alan

Police Officer and Principal Prickly-Wiseguy


Gelman's dad-Simon



My sister (Molly)-Salli

My brother (Jonah)-Brian



This happens right after Gelman made grounded videos out of me.


My Mom: Officer, what's the meaning of sending our son to an insane hospital?

Police Officer: Because he acted up for no reason.

My Dad: That's not true. Tell me what you did to our son.

Police Officer: Okay okay, Fluttershy106's parents. I took him there because he went crazy after Gelman made grounded videos out of him.

My Mom: But Officer, it's not his fault. He has autism and that's not something he can control.

Police Officer: If he had told me he had autism, none of this would have happened.

(in the insane hospital)

Me: Man, I can't believe I got sent here. If I had told the police officer my disability, I wouldn't have been taken here.

(later, my phone rings)

Me: Who could that be?

Principal Prickly: Fluttershy106, I'm here to tell you that I'm back in business while you're in the insane hospital. 

Me: But Principal Prickly, it was Gelman's fault, not mine. I should have told the police officer I had autism.

Principal Prickly: That's right. Your parents have already sorted the whole situation out. 

Warden: Fluttershy106, there are no cell phones allowed at the insane hospital!

Me: But sir, it's not my fault. Also, I have autism and it really makes me mad if someone makes grounded videos out of me, including Gelman.

Warden: Then how did you get sent here?

Me: Gelman made a grounded video out of me and I tried to attack him, but a police officer took me here. If I had told him my disability, he would have let it go.

(meanwhile at my house)

Molly: I miss my big brother.

Jonah: I agree.

(later in New York, my cousin is feeling sad)

Cheri: Where's our babysitter?

Charlie: I don't know.

(back at the school with Principal Prickly and my parents)

Principal Prickly: So parents of Fluttershy106, why did you come here?

My Mom: Our son is innocent. He has autism.

My Dad: He has nothing to do with the situation.

Me: I heard that.

My Mom: Son, I'm glad you're back. Did they let you out early?

Me: Yes, they did. Also, the insane hospital was next to the Third Street School. 

My Dad: Not only we were worried about you but also your siblings and your cousins were worried as well.

Me: If I had only told the police officer my disability, none of this would have happened.

My Mom: That's true. 

(at Gelman's house)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, you're lucky the family of Fluttershy106 aren't here to scold you but we just got a call from his parents that you got their son sent to the insane hospital! Is this true?

Gelman: Yes it is, and I didn't know he had autism.

Gelman's dad: That still doesn't give you the right to cyberbully autistic people! You are grounded grounded grounded for 12 days!  Go to your room now while I write an apology letter to the Third Street School!

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