Me-Steven, Samantha

Principal Prickly-Wiseguy




This is the aftermath of the burnt hospital and when I got beaten up by Chucko and Cy.


Me: Peter, we need to talk.

Principal Prickly: What is it Fluttershy106 and why do you have your old voice back? Why didn't you like your new voice?

Me: It's because a lot of people insulted me due to me sounding like adult Bernard Piper and YankieDude5000.

Principal Prickly: Who are those people?

Me: Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Sue Bob, Kurst the Worst and much more.

Principal Prickly: Don't worry Fluttershy106, I'll have a talk with the ones who beat you up.

(After Chucko and Cy came into the principal's office)

Chucko: What is it Principal Prickly?

Principal Prickly: I just had a talk with Fluttershy106. He told me you two insulted the way he sounded, beat him up with chairs, and used all of the 13 bad words towards him! How could you?!

Cy: That's because he sounded like a girl so that's why I had to teach him a lesson.

Principal Prickly: That excuse doesn't sail the ship! You two are suspended from this school for 12 days! Get out right now!

Chucko: The only good thing Fluttershy106 did was let Mundy off the hook with a warning...

Principal Prickly: ...until he threw a chair at him! That clearly worsened the problem! Get out right now!

Chucko: Fine! We're leaving!

Principal Prickly: Now that those two troublemakers are gone, I'm going to give you a new voice.

Me: You are going to change my voice?

Principal Prickly: Yes I am. Watch.

Me (Samantha's voice): How did you do that?!

Principal Prickly: I used some sort of special medicine. 

Me (Samantha's voice): Thank you Peter. You're the best.

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