NBeebies citv style

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Woman: next, the most talented man in all the world, mr bean the animated series, on Nbeebies next

(NBeebies wash song)

Henry: (in his TV show voice) one, two, three, four

I wash my hands and my fingers too

Scrub, Scrub, It's good for you!

June: (in her TV show voice) Soap and Water to remove the dirt

Henry and June: Washing your hands is very smart

June: I like Ice Cream and Chocolate

Henry: I eat them all and that's not smart

Henry and June: I have to brush my teeth at night

Up and down, yeah that's right!

Henry: With my friends I play in the park

Mud and Grass sure leave some marks

June: I love my bath with bubbles and plannies

Henry and June: When I'm done I'm clean as a penny!

(NBeebies logo amazement dcm style)

(we see Lydia Deetz talking to the viewer)

Lydia deetz: greetings, Lydia Deetz here, and this year is the 30th anniversary, not the cartoon, but a live action movie in 1988, to celebrate it, I want to do something like this (changed her swimsuit) there, I want to embrace me acting myself in this outfit, you got to admit it, right now though, it’s time for mr bean, not the live action version, but the animated series starring rowan Atkinson

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