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Nerry Marin: Man! I hate AmazzonKane! because she always messes me up for the whole freaking time! what should I do? I know! I am going to rant on her!

(30 minutes later)

Nerry Marin: there! now time to watch this! Amazzonkane?! more like failshitlame! oh my god! this user sucks! she keeps making those stupid things, and also, she is also a fan of shows that I hate such as kablam, kids next door, adventure time, pepper ann, recess, angela anaconda (even though I like angela anaconda), the offbeats, and other shows that I hate! man, if someone believes this, I will be so furious at them! I hope this user gets terminated! do you know who likes this user? henry and june! they like to join her on her youtube channel, but they can't because they are stupid and dumb! do you know who hates this user? ME! I WISH I CAN TERMINATE THIS USER FOR GOOD! SO SCREW AMAZZONKANE! AND SCREW GFOURTX! Note, if you like this user, you suck and I rule! anyways, luke gartrell is 1067847 times better than amazzonkane! If you hate this user, then Doki is a cookie! End of rant!


English Subtitles: Nerry Marin! how dare you ranted on amazzonkane! you know that she is one of my best user! that's it! you are grounded until luna minami gets terminated! go to bed right now!

Nerry Marin: What do you think I'll be next? to be continued on WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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