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Nida helps me, and this takes place right after Dino tried to fire his teacher.


Nida: Man, I can't believe my boyfriend Dino is still grounded after he attempted to fire his teacher and then he threatened to murder him. Even worse, Fluttershy106 is in a hospital. I will go fix his head.

Receptionist: Hello, you must be Nida Dawson.

Nida: That's correct. I want to see Fluttershy106.

Receptionist: He's in the hospital room.

(in the hospital room)

Fluttershy106's corpse was at the hospital bed and it wasn't alive yet. The rocket wasn't taken off Fluttershy106's head yet.

Nida: Hello, Fluttershy106, I have come to fix your head and revive you.

Somewhere, in Heaven. God was talking to Fluttershy106.

God: Fluttershy106, looks like someone is going to fix your head and revive you.

Me: Thank Heavens someone is in the hospital to revive me.

Back in the hospital room, Nida thought of something.

Nida: I have a good solution. Watch.

(later, my head is back to normal)

Me: How did you do that?

Nida: Easy. GoAnimate Logic. 

(back at Third Street School)

Principal Prickly: I have good news. Fluttershy106's head is back to normal.

(TJ, Randall Weems, The Ashleys, and King Bob are excited, except for Lawson)

Lawson: Damn it!

(back at Nida's house)

Nicholas: Nida, even though your boyfriend is still grounded for attempting to fire his teacher and for threatening to murder him, we are so proud of you for fixing Fluttershy106's head. Now he's healed.

Catherine: You are now ungrounded forever.

Hugh: This means you can do whatever you want.

Nida: Thank you Mom, Dad and Hugh. You're the best.

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