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Betty anne bongo: Offbeat offbeat When I'm offbeat, i'm a fan, it puts me in the mood Offbeat, i'm a fan in the mood (smacks lips) for song I am a singer, dancer and I have found speaking poundage-wise I improve my performance when I exercise (ripping sound) Oh stuff and fluff (ties her pants together again)

That's better (reflection in the mirror talks back) Thank you Now, where was I? (grumbling sound from stomach) Oh, yes, must’ve eaten, I'm happy am I happy. Time for something new I am short, time and proud of that and so with all my might I up, down, up-down to my appetite's delight While I’m offbeat offbeat I think of things to chew (Like you know, candy) With a hefty-happy musical I'm a cute and happy girl.

Kablam cast: (except Betty Anne) With a hefty-happy appetite she's a cute and happy girl.

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