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Tommy: Aw, why do I have to go to bed so soon?

August: Well, like they say in Brooklyn, "Early to bed, early to get the worm."

Tommy: Tell me bedtime story now. Tell how we met.

August: Okay, okay Well, it all started when we came to the studio. But he found a way to escape. And when we got to the stage, the place was deserted. And I found myself face-to-face with the directors.

August in flashback: Yaaah!

August: I fell for hours!

Repunzil: Ooh, hours long time.

August: Well, it seemed like hours. Anyway, I was fallin'. Nothing below me but it was boiling hot.

Hey, watch the landing.

Betty Anne: Oh. It's the lift-off that got me. Uh-oh. Where's my friends? Oh well, let’s drive out!

(On the Open Road from A Goofy Movie plays.)

Betty Anne: Do ya need a break from modern livin'?

Do ya long to shed your weary load?

If your nerves are raw

And your brain is fried

Just grab a friend and take a ride Together, upon the open road

C'mon, guys! Ah-yeah!

Tommy: All in all, I'd rather have detention!

All in all, I'd rather eat a toad!

Betty Anne: Yuck!

Tommy: And the old man drives like such a klutz

That I'm about to hurl my guts

Directly upon the open road!

August: There's nothin' can upset me

'Cause now, we're on our way

Our trusty map will guide us straight and true

Repunzil: Grubby groo, please don't forget me

I will return someday

Though I may be in traction when I do...!

Tina: Aaaaagh!!

Betty Anne: Me and my friends relaxin' like the old days...

Tommy, August & repunzil[singing over Betty Anne] This is worse than dragon breath and acne!

Betty Anne: In a buddy-buddy kind of mode...

Tommy, August & repunzil: [still singing over Betty Anne] I'm so mad I think I may explode!

Betty Anne: When I see that highway, I could cry!

Tommy, August & repunzil: Ya know, that's funny, so could I!

All 4: Just bein' out on the open road!


The little freaks: Howdy, boys! Is this the way to universal studios?

Mayor: Watch it, guys! Or you'll be gettin' towed!

June: I'm in no hurry to arrive

'Cause I'll be turnin' 65

The next time I seize the open road

Louie the hamster: Just a week of rest and relaxation!

Louie the chameleon: Yeah!

Louie the hamster: And the odd romantic season!

Tommy, August & repunzil: Very odd!

Prometheus: Ha ha!

And it's Los An-gel-las or bust!

Sniz: Look out, you dirtbags, eat our dust!

From now on, we own the open road!

Betty Anne: Just me and my little groupies

My pipsqueak pioneer

Anemia: They're partners forever heave-ho!

Betty Anne and Anemia: Aw yeah!

Tommy, August & repunzil: Could someone call a taxi

And get us outta here

To Kablammy 1-0-5-9-7?

Betty Anne and Chorus: Oh...

Every day, another new adventure!

Every mile, another new zip code!

And the cares we had are gone for good...

Tommy, August & repunzil: And I'd go with them if I could...

Betty Anne and Chorus: I've got no strings on me...

I'm feelin' fancy-free...

How wonderful to be...

On the open road!

(On the Open Road ends.)

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