• Patty Rabbit: Cujo, how dare you make your movie appear on Hulu and scare my friends? That's it, you're grounded (X8) for Serenity! Go to your room now before I snap your teeth out of your mouth!
  • [Cujo runs into his house angry]
  • Patty Rabbit: (in his TV show voice) Yes! (normal voice) I finally grounded Cujo!
  • [Patty Rabbit and Kitty Katswell appear outside]
  • Patty Rabbit: There she is, that cool female fluffy bunny just grounded me!
  • [Kitty Katswell then gets angry at Cujo as Patty Rabbit laughs in his TV show voice at Cujo getting grounded]
  • Kitty Katswell: That's right Cujo, he grounded you because you made your movie appear on Hulu for no reason! As for you Patty Rabbit, you better get out of here and head home because I'm going to get the Mavericks from Megaman X to arrest Cujo and I will tell them to replace Cujo on Hulu with Friends!
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