Peep: Skunk You're ungrounded you can do anything you Like

Skunk: Yes! Finally Finally!

Chirp: Yes! We Did It!

Quack: We've Ungrounded Ungrounded Skunk!

Skunk: Red Death, i got ungrounded by Peep, Chirp and Quack!

The Red Death: Grrrrr! Peep, Chirp & Quack How Dare you Ungrounded Skunk that's Get Out of my Property!

Peep: I Hope Smokey, Falcon and Beast won't here about this.

The Red Death: And You! You're Grounded Until Arthur Read (TV Series) have been cancelled!

Skunk: But Red Death I Want my Show to be Fair just give me a chance!

The Red Death: Never! Get Upstairs Now!

(at home)

Smokey: Peep, Chirp, Quack! You Just had to Unground Skunk Did You!?

Peep: But Smokey, Skunk is not Troublemaker that's why i ungrounded

Falcon: We Don't Care He is a rip-off show to Kung Fu Panda, Dark Comedy Fan & Horror Fan and you still have no right to unground Skunk That's It You're Grounded, Grounded, Grounded Until Castle Rock Show will be replaced into The New Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network go to your room and will think of your punishments are!

Chirp: Not Fair at All!

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