This is a grounded video that caused Geon to bite Pennywise and Cujo for the first time.


During Marley's death scene, Pennywise and Cujo felt happy as the start singing You're such a crybaby in the style of Notes in your Lunchbag from Bizaardvark.


Part 1: Pennywise and Cujo call Azura a crybaby during Marley's deathEdit

  • (April 28th, 2018. 5:00 PM)
  • [Various characters are at the movies watching Marley and Me as they are enjoying the movie. However, Cujo and Pennywise aren't behaving at all]
  • Pennywise: Man we can't believe that Disney just bought 20th Century Fox for 52.4 billion dollars and we hate Disney and FOX movies a lot!
  • Cujo: Same here, if there was something to stop this movie.
  • (Lots of seconds later, the scene reaches the saddest part of Marley and Me. Marley's death)
  • Pennywise: Wait for it... Wait for it...
  • (Azura started sobbing and her eyes began sparkling with tears as she began crying and it made Pennywise and Cujo very happy)
  • Pennywise and Cujo: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Azura is crying over Marley's death, you're such a crybaby songstress!
  • (Pennywise and Cujo began singing you're such a crybaby to Azura in the style of Notes in your Lunchbag from Bizaardvark)
  • Pennywise:
  • Cujo:
  • Pennywise, Cujo and Chorus:
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