This 4 Troublemakers Are Starting A Class Arguement, And Lucina Tells Them To Stop Cussing, But It Could Not. She Tell Lyndis To Send Them To Office, And Then Emmy And Her Friends Got Beaten Up By Ike.

Characters Edit

  • Ike
  • Lyndis
  • Lucina
  • Bing Bong
  • Lily Shirogane
  • Emmy (Dragon Tales)
  • Phineas T. Ratchet
  • Dark Bowser
  • Favian Mendoza

Transcript Edit

[NOTE:I Use The Roblox Death Sound As a Censored Sound As Someone Swears]

  • [Cut To:In Lakeside School]
  • Lucina:Okay Class, Today We're Doing Math Problems, What Is 6x3? C'mon Guys, Don't Be Shy.
  • (Bing Bong Raised His Hands)
  • Lucina:Yes, Bing Bong?
  • Bing Bong:19?
  • Lucina:Ok, Let's Try Again. C'mon Guys, Don't Be Shy.
  • Emmy:Oh, I Think I Know The Answer, Lucina.
  • Ratchet:Me (x30)
  • Emmy:Shut Up Sucker!
  • Ratchet:Hey, Don't Call Me Sucker You (Oof)ing Asshole!
  • Lucina:Ratchet, Did You Say The "F" Word?
  • Ratchet:Asshole?
  • Emmy:No, He's Talking About "(Oof)"! You Can't Say "(Oof)" At School, You (Oof)ing Robot!
  • Lucina:Emmy!
  • Ratchet:Why The (Oof) Not?
  • Lucina:Ratchet!
  • Dark Bowser:Did You Say (Oof) Again?
  • Lucina:Dark Bowser!
  • Favian:(Oof)!
  • Lucina:Favian Mendoza!
  • Ratchet:What's That Deal, It Doesn't Hurt Anybody, (Oof) (Oof) (Oof)ity (Oof) (Oof) (Oof)!
  • Lucina:How Would You Like To Go See The School Counsulor!
  • Ratchet:How Would You Like To Suck My (Oooooof)!
  • [Cut To:Outside School, Lucina Angrily Send Them To the Office, The Backrounds with fire, earthquakes, and Vampire Killer From Castlevania Judgement Plays]
  • Lucina:(Does A 1962-1975 Godzilla Roar, With 1000000% Louder, In Scary Voice)OH (x100) Emmy, Phineas T. Ratchet, Dark Bowser, And Favian Mendoza, How Dare You Cuss And Start A Class Arguement In Class, That's It, Go To The Principal's Office Right Now!!
File:Roblox Death Sound LOUD
  • [Cut To:The Principal's Office]
  • Lyndis:Well, Emmy And Your Friends, I'm So Disapointment That You Cuss At Class, So I Have No Choice But To Expelled All 4 Of You, Go home Now.
  • [Cut To:AnimeGamer1's 3 Story House]
  • Ike:[Does A Chimera Roar with 10000% Louder] Emmy, Phineas T. Ratchet, Dark Bowser, And Favian Mendoza, How Dare You Cuss In Class, that's It, I Will Beat You Up With My Monster Form!
  • [Robbie Rotten Appears, And Hides Ike Beat Up Emmy And Her Friends]
  • Robbie Rotten:Don't Let Your Kids Watch It, The End!
  • [FIN]

Sound Effect Edit

  • Roblox Death Sound
  • Vampire Killer From Castlevania Judgement
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