At the lounge, Madame Gasket was talking to her son, Phineas T. Ratchet. 

Madame Gasket: Ratchet, I'm going to see a movie Ratchet and Clank. 

Ratchet was excited.

Ratchet: Oh boy, can I see it with you?

Madame Gasket: No, young man. 

Ratchet: Why not, mom? I always want to see that movie. 

Madame Gasket: Because you are a troublemaker all the time. Once you smashed the computer at school, doing stupid things with you friends, threw a big meltdown because you don't want to move, pranked me that is not funny, trespassed into the Hollywood Tower Hotel with your friends, and trespassed into the pool, so that is why you are staying home until we come home. But I will think about taking you somewhere that you like. But you are staying home until we come home. So don't throw a party or a sleepover, okay Ratchet?

Ratchet: Alright mom, I won't do anything bad.  

Madame Gasket: Okay! I don't want to miss Ratchet and Clank. 

Then Madame Gasket left and she drove off to see Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet thought for a second. 

Ratchet: Since my mom is gone, I will throw a big party.

Then Ratchet began to phone his friends. 

Ratchet: Hey, Derek, Sandra and Reggie! I will throw a big party at my house! Come and help me decorate my house! And also invite a lot of people! Come and party like me!

Then later, his friends Derek, Sandra and Reggie came with big sacks. Ratchet was excited.

Reggie: Hey Ratchet, we are here for the party. 

Ratchet: Good, did you bring me stuff I asked for?

Reggie: (handing a bag of decorations closer to Ratchet) Yes. I got the decorations.

Sandra: (handing a bag of food closer to Ratchet) And I brought the food. 

Derek: And I also got the games like some Xbox and the Wii board games, and others. 

Ratchet: Good! Now invite other people to bring to the party. Now you can go and invite people. 

So Derek dropped the bag of games to the floor, and he, Sandra and Reggie went off to invite some other people. 

So Ratchet made another plan.

Ratchet: Now I will set up for the party. 

Then Ratchet started to decorate the lounge, and he finished decorating. 

Ratchet: There we go, I am done decorating the whole lounge. Now I will wait for my friends to come with other people eat or come. Oh, I got a phone call! 

Then Ratchet began to answer the phone.

Ratchet: Yes, Derek? Did you invite all the people? Good, bring them all in my processing area, and I am done decorating. So come with all the people you invited to my processing area. Okay, bye! Then Ratchet went off to his processing area. 

Then Ratchet entered the processing area where all the people were invited by Derek, Sandra and Reggie.   

Ratchet: Hey guys! Welcome to my party, or should I say Ratchet's party? I have a list of events we will do in the party. I will save the events in order I made. 

Ratchet showed list of events to the people. The list that said Video Games Fun, Snack Time, Movie Fun, Hang out Time, More Snack Time, The Big Final Thing! Dance Party with Loud Music! Party ends when my mom comes

Ratchet: So here is the list I will tell you what we will do. First, we will do some video games fun. Next is snack time, then it's movie time, and then it's hang out time. And then it's more snack time, and here it comes the big thing, we will dance with loud music exclamation point and the party ends when my mom comes. So let's do some video games fun. 

Then Ratchet and his friends went to the simulator room, and then they went in. Ratchet's friends seated in the chairs. Ratchet began to host.

Ratchet: Welcome to the gaming room. This is where you can play Wii or Xbox and Derek had a lot of games that he brought, so he will call out the games name and you guys can vote. Take it away, Derek! 

Then Derek came off his seat.

Derek: Okay, Ratchet! (to the others) Who wanted to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii? 

Clarence: Me!

Perry: Me!

Donald: Me!

Sandra: Me!

Even Raymond was excited. 

Sandra: I love to play that game!

Raymond: Me too! 

Donald: Me three!

Reggie: And also me!

Derek: Okay, all of you guys want to play that game, let's play it!

Sandra: I want to be Mario! 

Reggie: I want to be Falco! 

Perry: I guess I should be Fox! 

Clarence: And I will choose the Pokemon Trainer! 

Ratchet: Now you can start the game!

Perry: Okay Mario! Go die! I need to win!

This made Sandra angry.

Sandra: How dare you say that? I need to win the game!

Meanwhile at the movie theatre, Madame Gasket was at the lobby and was excited. 

Madame Gasket: I'm so excited to see Ratchet and Clank without Ratchet! But what is he doing alright?

Back in the Chop Shop, Video Games Fun was finished. Ratchet was holding the list, and he announced.

Ratchet: Now we are done with the video games, now next is snack time! 

Ratchet put a tick on the Video Games Fun square. 

Ratchet: Now it's snack time, all the snacks are on the table in the dining room. 

Then Ratchet and his friends went to the dining room. Ratchet had also invited Diesel Busters. Ratchet and his friends entered the dining room and they sat at the table with some milk and cookies. 

Ratchet: Now it's time for snack time! Today's snack time is cookies with milk. Enjoy your milk and cookies!

So Ratchet and his friends began to eat some cookies and drink some milk all up. 

Snack Time was finished, and Ratchet looked at the list.

Ratchet: Since we are done eating, let's check that off. 

So Ratchet ticked off Snack Time, and he announced for the next event. 

Ratchet: Now it's movie time, today's movie is Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. You can get some snacks in the kitchen in the cabinet. 

So Ratchet's friends got some snacks in the kitchen in the cabinet, and Ratchet and his friends went back to the simulator room. Then they entered it, Reggie sat on the seat, while the other party people sat on the floor, and Ratchet announced. 

Ratchet: Welcome to the movie room, this is where you can watch movies, so today like I said, we are watching Alexander and the Very Bad Day. So you eat snack, the movie is now starting. 

Then Ratchet walked off, and his friends started eating snack and watching TV, and they were very excited. 

Meanwhile at the movie theatres, Madame Gasket was in the audience, and she couldn't wait to watch Ratchet and Clank.

Madame Gasket: Yeah, Ratchet and Clank! I'm so really excited! I really like the movie! 

But the first preview was on, and Madame Gasket was getting annoyed.

Madame Gasket: Oh my god! I don't want to see the previews of the upcoming movies! I want to see the movie now! 

Back in the Chop Shop, Ratchet and Derek were sitting on the couch as their friends were partying. Sandra skateboarded around, Perry and Donald ran around, and Diesel Busters and Raymond were chatting with each other. The coke was spilt on the floor, and so was the orange juice. 

Derek: Hey Ratchet! Do you know when your mom comes back? 

Ratchet: When the movie ends, and the meantime, we can go to Chuck E Cheese's, let's go there! 

So Ratchet and his friends went off to Chuck E Cheese's, and they headed to the subway. Then they reached the subway station.

Ratchet: Since we are in the subway station, we need to get a pass ticket, and I have mom's credit card. So I will do the paying thing, and you know you use them to enter the passing gate. 

Then Ratchet used his mother's pass ticket to scan on the pass ticket machine, and he got a pass ticket and the other ones to his friends, and he explained to the others.

Ratchet: Since we got the pass, we can enter now.  

Then Ratchet and his friends had got the pass, and they entered the ticket gates, and then Reggie used his pass ticket to pass the ticket gate and he passed it. 

Ratchet: Now let's go to the subway! 

Then Ratchet and the others ran towards the train. 

Sandra: There's the train!

Then Derek and Donald were catching up with the others.

Donald: Hey guys! Wait for us!

Then Ratchet and his friends were now on board, and they rode the train on the way to Chuck E Cheese's. 

Ratchet: Now we are going to Chuck E Cheese's, which is in Go Town.

Train Intercom: We are arriving in Go Town. The doors will open on your right.

The doors were opened on the right.

Ratchet: We are here! Let's get out of the train!

Then Ratchet and his friends got out of the train and they headed off to Chuck E Cheese's, and then they reached Chuck E Cheese's and entered it. They went to the game area, and Ratchet and his friends were chattering except for Sandra was winning prizes from the claw machine. Sandra was feeling happy. 

Soon, Ratchet and his friends went back home and they entered the processing area. Ratchet and Derek were sitting at the deck chairs. 

Ratchet: How here comes the very big last thing, we will do a dance party with loud music!

Then Ratchet began to announce (to the viewers). 

Ratchet: Hello! Welcome back to my party! You are invited to my last part of my party. If you haven't seen the last four parts, all the links are in the description below. And also, Dodger 99 made a playlist of the last four parts of my party, and this video too. You will have the link to the playlist of this video in the description below. So watch the last four parts of my party first, so pause this video and click the links below and watch the last four parts of my party before watching the last part. Now pause the video. Are you done? Now onto my party!

At the landing, the party music was playing. Clarence slid down the stairs' banister, and Sandra was dancing. Perry was talking to Donald. 

Perry: Hey Donald, I dare you to knock this painting down the stairs.

Donald: Alright, I will!

Then Donald knocked the painting down the stairs. Then Derek was walking along, and the painting crashed to the bottom. Sandra and Derek started laughing, and then Sandra stopped laughing while Derek continued laughing. Reggie came out of the bathroom, and he and Derek past each other. Derek walked down the stairs and Reggie opened the closet door, and he took out a big white sheet. Then he took it downstairs on the way to the processing area. Then Sandra came downstairs. 

Reggie entered the processing area. 

Reggie: I will put a sheet up in the processing area so that people won't see that we are having a party. 

Then Reggie put a sheet up in the processing area, and he walked off. He went past Diesel Busters and Raymond who were dancing in the empty pool. 

In the washing room, Sandra was talking to Derek.

Sandra: Hey Derek. I will pour a lot of soap in the washing machine.

Derek: Yes! Do it! I dare you!

Then Sandra poured a lot of soap in the washing machine, and then she shut the lid and turned on the washing machine. Then the washing machine spat some soap out, and Sandra was impressed.

Sandra: Wow! That was epic!

Meanwhile, Ratchet entered the vault with some boxes.

Ratchet: I wonder where the DJ mix that mom used to party along with the Choppers. 

Then he noticed that there was no DJ mix. Ratchet was angry.

Ratchet: Dang it! She doesn't have it, I will order it online! 

Then Ratchet immediately left the vault and he entered to his room, and he got on the computer.

Ratchet: Now I need to go to Amazon to order the DJ mixer. I don't need to see that crack, now time for me to go to Amazon.

Then Ratchet entered the Internet. 

Ratchet: Okay, got the window pop-up, I will go on Amazon, it will take a long time.

Then Ratchet entered Amazon, and he found the DJ mixer to order that costs $120.99. It says The DJ mixer lets you make music in parties and more! You can jam up your own music by connecting your laptop!

Ratchet: This looks still new. I will order it, I will choose five minutes. 

Ratchet was on the Choose your Delivery Day Option menu that said 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 1 Day and 1 Week

Ratchet: That should be quick.

Then Ratchet clicked on 5 Minutes to order the DJ mixer. 

Later, the delivery came, and Ratchet came out of the door, and he saw a delivery box. Ratchet felt happy. 

Ratchet: Yes! It came! Now I will set the DJ mixer up in the processing area. 

So Ratchet carried the delivery box and went back in the Chop Shop, and then he entered the processing area.

Ratchet: Now I will set up the DJ mixer. 

Then Ratchet began to set up the DJ mixer, replacing the umbrella table with two cups and two chairs with balloons attached to them. Then finally, Ratchet had set up the DJ mixer.

Ratchet: There we go! I'm done setting up the DJ mixer. Now it's party time!

Then the party people came, and Ratchet began to announce.

Ratchet: Hello, guys! This is our last thing from my party, we will dance with loud music. The music will start in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1! 

(Acid Jazz music) 

The loud music began, as Ratchet's friends began to dance along with him. It shook the entire Chop Shop. 

At the radio station, Dodger was with Bobsy and NotSmirks.

Dodger: Ready, Bobsy. NotSmirks is a good user. 

Bobsy: Um, NotSmirks is a good user.

Dodger: Yes, that's correct. 

NotSmirks: And that's true facts.

Then Bobsy took off his headphones. 

Bobsy: Boy, it's fun to do the whisper challenge with you, Dodger. 

Dodger: I know. 

Suddenly, the window glass started to crack, and Dodger, Bobsy and NotSmirks were horrified.

The loud music came, and it shook the entire radio station. Then it blasted around the movie theatres.

Back in the audience, Madame Gasket was getting excited. 

Madame Gasket: Oh yes! The movie is starting! Here it comes! I am so excited for that!

But the loud music blasted around the auditorium. Madame Gasket was horrified. Just then, the movie intercom began to announce.   

Movie Intercom: We are very sorry. The movie will not continue at this point. We are sorry for that, but that person who does the lights sold you out. Thank you! Have a nice day!

Madame Gasket was furious. 

Madame Gasket: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! Hey, what's going on in here? Turn it off! Turn it off right now!

Back in the Chop Shop's processing area, Ratchet and his friends kept on dancing along, and loud music was getting unbearable. Then Ratchet was horrified, and the party people were now horrified as well. 

Ratchet: Uh-oh! My mom was coming home! But there goes my loud music. Everyone must hide! Go! 

Then Ratchet and his friends fled except for Donald who was shocked and had learned that Madame Gasket was coming home. 

Donald: Oops. 

Donald ran to catch up with his friends. Then Madame Gasket came back inside the Chop Shop, and then she entered the living room. Madame Gasket was shocked, and she was annoyed. She saw that was food including popcorn and drinks spilt on the floor, and some party stuff around the room. 

Madame Gasket: Why is there a huge mess in the living room? 

Then Madame Gasket looked around the room. 

Madame Gasket: And also here too?!

Madame Gasket went up the stairs, and she checked the railing. There were party stuff everywhere. The lamp had knocked over to the floor, and some popcorn was spilt on the floor. 

Madame Gasket: Why is there a mess upstairs? And where is Ratchet?

Then Madame Gasket heard her son's voice and was horrified. 

Ratchet's voice: Good, everyone! No one will notice that we are hiding here. 

Reggie's voice: And also in the bathroom too. No one will ever find us now! 

Then Madame Gasket rushed to the closet's door, and she opened the door and found her son hiding in the closet.

Madame Gasket: Ratchet, I know that you are hiding behind the closet. Now let everyone to get out of the Chop Shop, or else! Then I'll give you a good talking to and what you deserve!

Ratchet: Oh yes, I'll let everyone to get out of the Chop Shop. 

Ratchet did as he was told, and he made the guests to leave the Chop Shop.

Then Madame Gasket sent Ratchet to the lounge to give him a good talking to and what he deserves, and she was very disappointed with him. Will Ratchet get grounded?

Madame Gasket: Ratchet, how dare you throw a party in the Chop Shop while I was away!? You know that you could get arrested for that, and you are not eligible to have that kind of a party! We waited for the movie to start, but it didn't because of you doing a dance party with loud music! That is so it! You are grounded for 1413746297 years! Go to your room right now!

Then Ratchet went to his room in disgrace, crying.

Ratchet: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 


Dave as Phineas T. Ratchet

Kidaroo (or Wiseguy) as Madame Gasket

Joey as Derek  

Alisson as Sandra

Steven as Reggie 

Brian as Clarence and Bobsy and NotSmirks  

Paul as Perry and Dodger

Simon as Donald  

Eric as Raymond 

Dallas as Train Intercom 

This episode was inspired by AGK Threw a Dance Party and Gets Grounded 

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