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Queen Barb is a clone of King Bob. She is the Queen Regnant of the school playground queendom. Like her Third Street School counterpart, she is Caucasian. She is typically depicted in a purple number 8 gown, a royal blue lined red cloak with furry white trim, and a hockey stick in her hand. She has long black hair, and wears a tiara with a brown B on its front.

Voice: Julie

Queen Barb.png

Mother: Olivia Bartweight

Father: Carter Bartweight

Friends: Kay Carter Cole, Gordan and Gerard CJ Rotweiler, Vance, Rigalli, Greta Grobler, Mickey, Rus Rimple, Sesame Boy, Miss Ropey, Mr. Boris Boyd, The Megans (sometimes) and Paul Prickly

Enemies: Eric Dawson, Dale Shulman, Penrod Bendy and Craig Jones

Likes: Obedience, rules, telling someone bad news and telling students in the playground what to do 

Dislikes: Disobedience, Gordan and Gerard failing her, troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Dawson), being framed by troublemakers and being disrespected by troublemakers (mainly Dawson)