At the village, Rachel Hart had a naughty plan.

Rachel: I'm going to call Oscar the Grouch the n-word! Hahahahahahahaha! I'm going to Sesame Street right now!

Rachel went off to Sesame Street, and then she reached it, and she approached Oscar's can. Then Rachel knocked on Oscar's can. 

Rachel: Hey, Oscar!

Oscar the Grouch popped up. 

Oscar: Hey, Rachel! What do you want for me now, you weirdo?

Rachel: Hey, Oscar the stupid grouch! You're such a n*****!

Oscar was offended.

Oscar: Hey! Don't say the n-word to me! You're rude!

Rachel: Shut the f*** up, you stupid n*****!

Oscar: Rachel, stop this right now! You're so rude! 

Rachel: Why don't you just leave me the f*** alone, you stupid n*****!

Oscar: Rachel, if you insult me one more time, I shall call your parents!

Rachel: Why don't you get the f*** out of here, you idiotic n*****!

Oscar got very angry and lost his temper at Rachel, who was horrified. 

Oscar: You know that?! Admit it! I'm calling your parents right now! Now get lost! Scram, you obnoxious weirdo!

Back home, Rachel's parents were furious with Rachel.

Rachel's dad: Rachel, how dare you insult Oscar the Grouch and call him the n-word? You should know that calling anyone by the n-word is naughty. And also, Oscar the Grouch is one of my favourite TV characters. For that, you're grounded for two weeks with no video games! And for this, you will watch Sesame Street! Watch it right now or you're super far grounded!

Rachel's mum: And do as we tell you, or else!

Then Rachel did as she was told. 


Julie as Rachel Hart 

Wiseguy as Oscar the Grouch 

Dallas as Mr Hart (Rachel's dad)

Kendra as Mrs Hart (Rachel's mum)

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