• Rachel Hart-Julie
  • Mr. Hart-Dallas


(At the town, Rachel Hart had a plan.)

Rachel: I'm going to have telekinetic powers.

(Rachel Hart started to have telekinetic powers, and she used them to lift the black car and the taxi. She was feeling excited, and she used telekinetic powers to lift the grey car which was at one of the houses. Then the lawnmower was lifted up from the man who was in the garden. The man's lawnmowing job was interrupted, and the man was horrified. Outside one of the other houses, the young woman was about to grab onto the limbo pole, but the right stand on the pole was lifted it, and the young man was horrified. Rachel Hart was feeling excited, and then Mr. Hart came, and he was very angry. Suddenly, Rachel Hart noticed her dad)

Rachel: Oh no! It's my dad! 

Mr. Hart: Rachel Hart, how dare you have telekinetic powers?! You are not Jean Grey! That's it, you're grounded for five days with no with computer! When we get home, you will go to your room!

(Mr. Hart sent her daughter home in disgrace)

(The End)

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