Rachel Hart-Julie

King Bob-Eric

Mr. Hart-Dallas


This takes place right after King Bob interrupted Lawson and Rachel Hart's date.


Rachel Hart: Man! I can't believe King Bob went to Red Lobster where my boyfriend Lawson and I were dating and called us stupid! I need some revenge on him! 


Rachel Hart: I got it! I will call him the M word!

(King Bob arrives)

King Bob: Rachel, why are you here and why are you angry?!

Rachel Hart: You interrupted Lawson and my date by calling us stupid! How could you?!

King Bob: I did that because you and Lawson are the worst couple ever!

Rachel Hart: It's really rude and ignorant to interrupt couples, even if they're your haters or they're dating, you moron!

King Bob: You called me a moron oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! That's it! Go home now before I call in my sceptres to have a word with you!

(at home)

Mr. Hart: Rachel, how dare you call King Bob the M word?! You know that's not nice at all!

Rachel Hart: But Dad, that was the only way to get back at him for going to Red Lobster and calling me and my boyfriend's date stupid.

Mr. Hart: Well, the reason why he called you and your boyfriend's date stupid was because you both are troublemakers to Miss Finster, Principal Prickly and Fluttershy106, the substitute principal! You're in trouble for 2 days! Go to your room now!

(Rachel runs upstairs crying in Federica's voice, Italian)

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