Rachel Hart-Julie


Miss Finster and Principal Prickly-Wiseguy

Miss Lemon-Kate

Rachel's dad-Dallas

Rachel's mom-Kendra



This picks up right after my sister was revived by King Bob.


My sister and the Third Street School Staff were on the rooftop

Miss Finster: Isn't it a beautiful view from here?

Principal Prickly: Yes it is, Muriel.

Then Rachel came who was angry, and Molly and the staff were horrified.

Rachel Hart: Hello, Rachel haters! And who is this next to the staff? (to Molly) Hey! You're Molly! Why does your brother Fluttershy106 have to suspend my friends every time including my boyfriend Lawson?!

Miss Finster: Oh no! Not Rachel! (to Rachel) You!

Principal Prickly: Are!

Miss Lemon: A!

Molly: Bully!

This made Rachel very angry.

Rachel Hart: Oooooooooooooh! That's it! I'm going to push Molly off the rooftop after her brother became the substitute principal!

(She knocks Molly off the rooftop)

Molly: Oh no! I'm falling! Good thing I have this parachute to get me down safely!

(She opens the parachute and she slowly falls down to the ground)

Me: Sis, thank Heavens you're safe.

Molly: Thank you Fluttershy106. 

Me: Who pushed you off the rooftop?

Molly: It was nothing but Rachel Hart.

Me: Every bully hates it when I'm the substitute principal of the Third Street School. Now I must tell Principal Prickly.

(in the office)

Principal Prickly: So Fluttershy106, why are you here at this time?

Me: Rachel Hart pushed my sister off the rooftop but she didn't get sent to the hospital.

Principal Prickly: How?

Me: She had a spare parachute with her. I am going to dial her parents.

(at home)

Mr. Hart: Rachel, you're lucky Fluttershy106 didn't take you home to scold you but we just got a call from him telling you knocked his sister off the rooftop!

Mrs. Hart: Fortunately, she had a parachute with her so she didn't get sent to the hospital but you're still grounded! Go to your room now!

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